Lets Cyber – Zsa Zsa



Gentle Kisses

I feel like I am finally at the stage where I can draw my characters and do them justice. It’s a nice feeling. I’ve had Zsa Zsa since 2003 and it’s taken me this long to get happy with her and my art enough to want to draw her~
I know I am not ‘perfect’ but it’s still nice to have that feeling. Only took 15 years!


Evening Sketches

I wanted to share my evening sketches work. I did these a few nights ago now (and probably will have some finished and scheduled to post by the time this goes out!)

They are mostly my own characters, A few I Zombies, a couple of Zsa Zsas and a Shiraz and a little bust of Betty who belongs to Horrorlandcop74

It was really fun and refreshing to be able to do some drawings for myself as if binged on doing the art trades more recently.

I hope you enjoy this little showcase and I hope to have more to share with you soon.