Batshit insane

Batshit insane

It’s been a while since I posted here again and as always, I’m sorry about that. Just celebrate in the fact that I’ve returned and I’ve brought Wars and Beee with me.

For those that aren’t in the know about these two, they are from a personal project of mine that has been ongoing since 2006 – what the end result of this project is, I don’t know – but there we go.

I’ve a loose story going for them and these two characters are the ‘mains.’

At the point, I am just content in being able to draw them and sketch them up as I envision them.

I’m hoping to be able to draw them a lot and get back ‘into’ them a bit more again, as back in the day they were pretty much the only thing I did draw. In fact, I’ve really cut down my main character list over on DevArt and currently only have 5 going; including these two, the others being Zydrate – a character I adopted earlier this year, Kiz (who we should all know) and Jenn, my fursona.


Where did you come from?

Beee CrazyIt’s been a while since I posted something that wasn’t a Space Marine picture, so I thought I would share what I have been up too.

It has mostly involved my characters Wars and Beee and their little project.

I’ve mostly been neglecting the two of them but somehow they have just made themselves heard and known again and I have been sketching them up again. Mostly through the help of internet “drawing meme’s.” I’ve had this feeling lately that a lot of my character artwork suffers from ‘same face syndrome’ so using the suggestions from memes has been a welcome change as

Angry Wars

well as a fun challenge. One that I am hoping to keep going with these two characters.

Though I did have a bit of a questioning moment while walking home from baby group today. What’s the point of it all? I’ve had these characters for over ten years now and I’ve not done anything with them other than draw them and have others from them for me. What’s the use in that? I’m not telling a story or making a political statement with them.

Then I came to the highly enlightening conclusion of ‘So what?’ What does it matter that their story will never be told; because I feel I lack the talent for webcomics (in both writing and artistic sense) So what if I never do anything with them other than draw them because it’s what I am currently enjoying doing. If that is only answering asks that I get for them over on their tumblr blog. I think these days there is too much emphasis on trying to make a statement or be special in some way, I think any level of fame would actually do my

Beee Sketch2

head in and put me off doing something – it would certainly take the enjoyment out of it! Look at that Aliens fanfiction I was doing. I got an amazing, blinding review on it; then couldn’t cope with the pressure of being ‘that good’ at the rest of the fiction, so I never bothered with the second chapter.

I think, as long as I am getting enjoyment out of something, then it’s worth doing. Why overthink things?

I am just happy that my boys have finally decided to come home again and give me another chance. If they only stay a week or so, then so be it. If they stay longer (which I really hope they do) then I’ll be all the happier.

Regardless, I’ll share the sketches and other artworks I get on here (if I remember) and use their tumblr for other details as well, like answering asks, sharing visual things that remind me of them and their

Scan 76world. You know, usual tumblr blog stuff!

I think the real test will be next week, as I am away from home. I find a change in location and company always changes the way you’re thinking, be it intentional or not. I have often found that something I was really into at the beginning of the week, or before leaving home, I am less inclined to think about when going back home. Different surroundings and company lead to different thought patterns.

Still, I hope you like what I have had to share today and I look forward to sharing a few more sketches with you all soon.

Scan 75
“Hey, Wars! Look what I found!? Can you believe I used to wear these pyjamas!?”



So, for a long long time now I have had this ‘project’ going on called BulletFuck.
I’ve been revising the story for it for a while now.

I’ve revisited the two main characters as well – given them new identities; though you can tell who they are still and revamping their histories.

Wars has become a bit of a more rounded character, he heads a group of people called The Faceless who’re basically your Grade-A Anarchists. They’re rebelling against your typical (Dys)Utopian Society with random acts of violence – mostly in the form of pre-arranged street fights – theft and general chaos.
It is Wars who co-ordinates all this mayhem as it is him that breeds the hatred for this perfect society that was imperfect for him.
Caught up in this is Beee
(Artwork by Holly Ramirez)
Beee, is your basic confused shithead, he is initiated into The Faceless by someone – a girl, I think I named her Lex, or something to that effect. Forgot and my notes are under my desk and I just know that everything will fall off it seeing as my partner is sleeping at the moment!
Anyway, this woman dies somehow – not sure how yet – and this sends Beee on a violence bender in which he meets Wars. A strange tangled relationship develops between the two of them.
Until Wars is apprehended by the Police Force and taken to court for his Crimes against Humanity. Where a major plot thing happens and it would be a spoiler for me to tell you about it; you’ll just have to hope that I can actually get this thing done!!


I am my own biggest fan.

Over the many years of drawing I have created a great many characters. Half written a heap of stories to go with them and sometimes not even got that far. Thing is, I just love creating. I equally love creating with other people, but that is an entirely new story.

So one year, back in 2006 I believe. I was wandering about on a silly little chat based game called Furcadia. And saw an advert for someone selling a character name for a mere $5. I happened to like this particular name, so I brought it. I made a character who reflected my interests and likes at the time and came up with one of the strangest characters of all times. A male character with rather feminine qualities with a really borked up past. Who hated anything and everything to do with drugs. I am talking about Wars.

Yet, having Wars on his own, seemed a bit strange. I wasn’t sure what to do with him now that I had him in existence. At this time, I was working for Royal Mail which was in a way fantastic because as soon as I was out of the office and on delivery I could put my head in La-La land and think about other things.
Naturally solving my Wars problem was a high priority.
I was partially influenced by a fellow DeviantArtist DarkenLite. Who at that time was drawing a lot of her Yaoi characters Fright and Shadow. I do not know if she still has these characters and we rarely speak any more as she tends to draw Transformers Erotica/Slash. Which is something I never understood.
I decided: Wars needs a boyfriend.

He needed someone who was a bit of a loose canon, someone who would spur him into action away from his apathy. A hot head. A dick! Therefore Beee came along.

They bloomed and took off a storm for a while. I had a few people who liked their unique designs and cybergothic influences. I drew them mercilessly for a good few years. I still do from time to time, that picture of Wars is fairly recent. (The one of Beee is the first I ever drew of him) However, the magic vanished somewhere along the line and for the most part they are pretty much forgotten about aside for a few wonderfully dedicated fans! Myself being the biggest.

See, we fangirls don’t just pick famous characters to worship!