Rogal Dorn


Managed to finish off one of the ‘Primarchs’ series of work that I’ve been doing~

Rogal Dorn this time.

Winner of a rather amusing thread over on Twitter – where all my polls are decided.

There was rather a lot of yellow on this one, so you might well need your sunglasses in order to see it properly. I don’t know what colour Imperial Fists were meant to be pre-heresy, but yellow is my favourite colour so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it.

Also, it was good fun to draw a Power Fist. Not sure is I made it big enough?

I’ll share some other, non-Warhammer related artworks soon. I’ve a post half in mind with a heap of character sheets I’ve been working on for myself – so I’m looking forward to putting them all up on the same post.

Also a few other bits and bobs to share, if I remember.


Dark Angel

Just wanted to share this picture as an update on here. 

I’ve embarked on this little ‘quest’ on twitter where I draw a Space Marine Primarchs depending on who wins a poll.

Lion El’Johnson was the winner of the first poll, so here we are! 

He was a lot of fun to draw up and a challenge too. Honestly, I just wanted to draw some hero poses and guys looking badass and I’ve drawn Space Marines before to know how they look in my own art style. I hope you like it and I look forward to drawing more of the Primarchs.

Black Hands

Black Hands Sml

So much for remembering about updating things here more often and getting back into a habit! As always, whoops!

This is a commission for the Black Hands Space Marine blog of their home brew Space Marine chapter – or at least some prominent characters of which they belong.

As far as commissions go, this was particularly challenging. Drawing 4 characters together on one piece of paper is pretty much impossible (Or at least, I would have to draw them so small I’d not get much detail in) so I drew them all as separate sketches and added them all together in one canvas in Photoshop.


I then undertook the task of lining them all up together in one picture, figuring out which part of who should be showing and where!

Black Handssml

The colours went down rather quickly once I got started on them and got them all figured out; with a fair amount of questions being asked of and input by the chapters owner! And some proofing by my husband who made a couple of suggestions to improve how a few things looks that I had missed.

Overall, this commission took me a fairly long time – but once I got into the flow of things it all seemed to come together nicely. The subject matter is one that I was familiar with once upon a time in my fangirling history, but I’ve not done anything with it myself in a while other than use a sketch as a warm up! So it was nice to have a reminder and a revisit of an older topic; but I don’t think it’s one that I’ll be getting all giddy over again in a hurry.

But, I do urge you to look at their blog and have a good read of the articles and see if there is anything that resonates with you, you never know!


Eldar Sketchbook

DSC02330Today was the local Games Workshops Store Birthday, which is always a fun treat. Usually featuring a heap of cake and fun games for those that want to be involved.

Earlier this week they announced something that really piqued my interest. They had some Eldar Sketchbooks on offer. A limited edition art book (which I already have a weakness for) for £30.

So along I popped and I was lucky enough to grab one of the few remaining copies.

Eldar are one of those armies that, although only have a very small force, I find absolutely stunning. The vision and uniqueness of them is just wonderful and the Sketchbook is no exception to this. It’s filled with concept illustrations by Jes Goodwin of pretty much every sort of Eldar that you can think of; and even some that you probably can’t.

Particularly inspiring, for me, was the Eldar Bonesinger sketches – I am pretty new to the Eldar series of models and all mine belong to the realm of the dead – so I was rather unaware of such a pretty looking model idea. I also enjoyed seeing the development of ideas as it’s all in here, from the loosest spark of an idea to the refined creation.


Also, seeing the translation between sketch and model is pretty impressive in itself. Even in the sketches that I’ve seen so far, I am thoroughly impressed by the translation – even without knowing every model in Games Workshops Range. Seeing them faithfully taken from sketch to miniature can’t be an easy feat, but with the aid of Jes’ sketches they’ve made it look effortless.

If you’re looking for a highly glossy, full colour illustration book – like the Horus Heresy Art book offerings – then this really isn’t the Art book for you. The hint is in the title of the book there really! It’s a sketchbook. Full of sketches. No colour. However, if you like seeing how characters are created and ideas developed; as well as world building then give it a go, if you can get a copy. Also, if you like Space Elves, then yeah, this book is right up your street. However, I’d avoid if you’re a fickle army collector as this is a very inspiring book and will make you want to pick up a few of the prettier Eldar models.

Knight Sketches – 2



Some more sketches for today, I’m really trying to be able to get a bit more packed into my day. Everyone in the house had a good snooze this morning so I actually fit in a few more sketches.

I’ve always enjoyed making up suits of armour on guys and looked to nordic influence for this particular dude.

It’s good fun.

And have a couple of Space Marine sketches.

These guys… they look so strange to me in my particular big head character style. Mostly because of their shoulder pads their heads look a bit more normal sized? Also… same face syndrome hit me here, but there we are… beggars can’t be choosers.

Sorry for the shorter post, although everyone was snoozing earlier I am now sat between a son who is screaming and shaking his toy keys at me and a dog that is cry whining at me because his leg hurts after having a nasty accident that involved him needing stitches.

New Life

So recently, everything about my life has changed. All for the better I might add rather hastily.

After a 10 month womb infestation I finally got rid of the parasite that was lurking inside me and making my stomach all big and swollen! I cannot tell you how much of a relief that really is! No more bloated feeling, no more feeling like I can’t eat a decent meal, no more running to the toilet every five minutes to relieve the pressure on my bladder!


Of course, I say all the above purely in jest. I was actually just pregnant and feeling the woes of it all towards the end. Little Marcus was form 16 days overdue and after much trauma of inductions and trying to be squeezed, and I quote the midwife. ‘Putting a square peg through a round hole.’  So he was born by C-Section on the 30th of March. And after a 6 day stay in hospital (Before and after birth) I was more than ready to come home and start getting life back to the new sense of normal.
There was much crying and guilty feelings because my dog wasn’t at home – I think it was just baby blues being somewhat misdirected towards the missing pack member, but it was really strange going for the first walk without him. I even had dreams in which he was depressed; which was so far from the truth it’s unbelievable! He was staying with my Father-in-Law and his best friend Paddy, so he was fine and being a bit of a terror.

So we jump to today, and it’s my first day on my own with baby Marcus (Who is currently asleep) and Barley (Who is also asleep) and I am feeling a new sense of resolve to try and get things creative done. Pre-Birth I felt a bit low about pretty much everything and motivation felt like the hardest thing to come across ever. So I did pretty much nothing apart from the smallest scrap of cross-stitching ever (Which I managed to bork!)

But post-birth, I have already started to readdress Born to Die and rework it using the Snowflake Method. I’ve not gotten that far with it mostly due to the amount of busy with commission3_copy_by_the_zombie_cat_by_kiz_mit-d9ozsohbaby I have been; but I am feeling good about it non-the-less.

I’m also determined to find my graphics tablet and attempt to do some digital paintings, seeing as it feels like it has been forever and a day since I did any. I think it has actually been some years, so it feels about right that I should attempt some again. Especially now that the whole ‘art career’ thing is pretty much off the cards. I can paint because I enjoy it again. Which will be a novelty!

Until I get anything done myself, enjoy this picture of Nathaniel by The-Zombie-Cat, somehow she just manages to get the look in his expression perfect!

On a hobby note, I ordered some of the Genestealer Hybrids from the Deathwatch Overkill board game to replace my current Psyker Battle Squad. I was using actual Genestealers for them, but they never really looked how I wanted them too; they’re too far gone in the whole Xeno’s taint thing! But the ones from the board game are near abouts perfect for the idea of them. So, under the delusion that I will get the time to make them up and paint them, I brought some off ebay. Hopefully, I’ll get some time to dedicate to hobby stuffs again, seeing as it has been far too long since I did anything model related. I shall keep you informed on how I get along!

Who wouldn’t love that face?

nathaniel_by_the_zombie_cat-d8qz0poArtwork by ZombieCat

Sadly, I don’t get to spend as much money on commissions now as I used to. Mostly due to quitting my job and not having the income to do so.

But sometimes someone offers their services and you just can’t resist!

I’ve always wanted to see how The-Zombie-Cat would tackle Nathaniels face. Seeing as she draws characters so handsome anyway. I must say I do believe she did a wonderful job on him. Damned near perfect if you ask me~

Now that I have a camera working I really should take a picture of the model of him. I’ve had him years now, but never shared the source of the inspiration for some reason.
To be honest, I rather lost interest in the army when he could no longer be a HQ choice for me. I wasn’t surprised when the change came in in the Astra Militarum codex; Psykers shouldn’t have been able to have that much control in the first place. Yet I felt a little bit sad inside on a personal level for Nathaniel, he had been doing such a good job of running the Aris 412th.