E’ryday I’m Buildin’ – Part 3

Slime attack!

Seeing as I have been left alone for a few minutes, I thought I would update on a few Minecrafty shenanigans. It’s been a while since I reported anything about what we’ve been up too in our world, but that’s mostly because we’ve only recently started shovelling again.

Unhappy Cathedral

Last time I posted we’d only just started mapping out where our towns Cathedral was going to be. Upon our reloading, we decided that there was something amiss about the whole thing and we’re generally unconvinced by it all. I think this is part of the reason it took us so long to actually do anything with it – so it stayed as a boring blueprint for the longest time. It took a fair few attempts to get it all looking right on the outside as well, but eventually we

Happy Cathedral

knew what was wrong. It all looked to ‘the same’ so it took us a trip into the Nether to get some Quartz in order to get us feeling happier with the build. It also took a few variation of sandstone bricks, but we got there in the end. The addition of the flames and stained glass window to the front also made it feel a lot less dull. It was a good hurdle to overcome. The interior of the Cathedral is still unfinished, so when I we get the minor details done I’ll share some more pictures.

We then faced the biggest problem of all minecrafters – what next? Well, we had a lot of elements in our town finished off now, including more details to the port. Like the port side tavern being finished off and the market (which needs it stalls finishing.)


But, we don’t actually have a town itself! So that’s been our next job. Putting in some houses to bridge the gaps between everything else.

It’s not the most exciting thing to have been building, I must admit. And it’s not been one of those all consuming projects either – not like the castle walls or the castle itself (which has had a bit of a renovation since last time too, but that’s for another time)

We started off with a Market Square – as this is something that I’d built on the floor the last time around – and added some more interesting looking stalls. From there we built a few houses and another shop

Church View, note the Cathedral in the background – and our beacon on the hill.

I admit, it’s been good fun getting back into Minecraft again. Especially staying in the same world we’ve always been in. Adding new bits and bobs to the Castle and surrounding area has been a blast from day one. It’s interesting to see how it all develops and changes over time.

I’ll hopefully update again soon with some more screenshots of the world and castle and little tales of how it’s all changed over time~


E’ryday I’m Buildin’ – Part 2


Just a little update this one. On the Minster that is going to our world on Minecraft.

We’re building it out of sandstone so the task basically involves running to the local desert, doing a heap of digging and hauling the sand back to turn into the sandstone that we need. It’s a fair amount of work and has taken a lot of shovels so far and we don’t even have the footprint down yet!

I think that’s the fun of MineCraft, the challenge of finding the materials that are needed and feeling rewarded when you actually get a significant amount of something done.


Seeing as this is all rather a long process and digging up blocks of sand isn’t the most stimulating of tasks we decided to take a bit of a break and do some exploring. We’ve not ventured that far from our spawn point to make up our world and don’t have all the things we would like. So we set out to find a jungle biome – which we did and now have melons, jungle tree seeds and cocoa beans in our inventory to take back home.

But we also came across something else entirely! It was exciting to find something new that we didn’t know existed.


MineCraft is just one of those games that keeps on giving. You’re constantly finding new things that you can use in whatever it is you’re creating. And when you look it up on Google people have created all sorts of wonderful things. Actually if you look up anything on Google and put MineCraft after it (I am thinking buildings) then someone out there will have made a copy of it!
Try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Winterfell MineCraft

Vatican City MineCraft

Stark Tower MineCraft


Internet Detox – Day Three

So, I am now onto day three of my detox. It’s gotten a little harder. I can’t express how important I feel this process is for me. I was spending all of my time on the internet. From, the moment my husband went to work to the time he got home again. So, that’s at the very least 9+ hours of the day. I know there will be people out there who spend longer than that, but the point I’m trying to get across is the fact that this addiction was starting to ruin my life. At least, it felt that way. If I was interrupted while being on the ‘net then I would get moody or snappy with whoever spoke to me. Or I wouldn’t even acknowledge they’d even spoken at all. It was mean and it was unfair on them.

Today I felt a little bit lost, I couldn’t really focus on what I wanted to do. I flitted about the house and I don’t really feel like I did anything. I played on a silly game on the PC for a while, until I realised that the game would be the fastest way to RSI possible. So I mostly faffed about.

I did start the next watercolour tutorial from the book, but didn’t finish that until today (Day four) so I shall write about that more in tomorrows post.

As for the dog walk today – if you couldn’t tell this now feels like a big part of my life; Barley found himself some play mates in the wood and was chasing a lovely labradoodle dog about for a stick. It’s lovely watching the dogs get together and play, I think in the end there was about six of them all running about with one another, playing various games of catch and chase. I will remember to take the camera with me one day

What else?

In the evening Elliot and I played on the Xbox, something that we’ve not done in a while together. We picked up a game called Dark Souls 2 again, which we stated a while back and for some reaosn put down again. It took us a while to actually remember what the hell we were doing and how the game worked, but in the end it turned out pretty fun.

Video gaming for me has always been a social affair, ever since I was a little girl. Growing up we had an Amiga and played various games together, mostly classics such as Monkey Island, Lemmings and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

So for me, playing video games is a bonding experience. Offering up ideas on how to do things, what route to follow and puzzles to solve while the other person controls the game (and possible ignores everything I say)

Dragon Age: Inquisition. The unpopular Opinion

As the title says, this is purely my opinion on the game. It’s not one that I can imagine I share with other.

Today, after owning Dragon Age: Inquisition from the day it was released, I finally finished it. I am rather on the fence about the game as a whole. I feel like I should love it, like it should have been the best game to happen to me since getting my PS4 (Which I got, purely for Dragon Age). And part of me does like the game, but not to the point of rabid fandomism that the other instalments inspired in me.

I’ve addressed my thoughts on the actual Inquisitor before; I believe I described them as rather flat and lacking in personality – unlike Hawke who was brimming with it in one form or another. Whereas the Inquisitor is just flat. I can’t describe it any other way. I’d like to think of that as the choices I made for them rather than how they’re written though?


The game is massive – that’s no lie – apparently there is about 150 hours worth of game here. I think mine ran into the 40’s, possibly 50’s. Which is pretty pathetic compared to that bragging of game play hours. The problem I have with a lot of the content is that I don’t actually want to do any of it. Most of it feels like boring content filler than any real reason to want to do any of the quests. Don’t get me wrong, the main quests are amazing! The story behind them is pretty thrilling (I’ll get to that in a bit) but these side quests… it’s like reading a textbook on boredom.
Maybe if these side quests weren’t so… “Go get me this, collect 20 of these, find this place” they’d actually be worth the time they take doing. But it’s like collecting Zebra Hooves all over again. Been there. Done that. Still having nightmares about it. I understand some games need a bit of filler and/or back tracking to make them worth it, but DA:I is a but overload on the whole idea. It took the fun out of it.

Especially when you have some wonderfully beautiful areas to explore. I mean, the world building in this game is wonderful. It’s so pretty! Even when it’s raining down hardcore. I found that I actually wanted to look around some of these areas, find all the little snippets of information about them… to start with. Then things just went a little bit down hill and I got bored. And it stopped making sense. “Why am I looking for a shard, when there is a big hole in the sky and an old Tevinter Magister is trying to become the new God?”


I’m sounding all a little doom and gloom, but it’s not all bad. Not really. I mean, the main story arch is just wonderfully written and it’s great to see it progress. The same with the characters. Some of them are interesting, endearing, quirky and fun. They’re a real high point as well for the game. The writing in the game I cannot stand up for enough, I really can’t!
For both the main story and the main quest. It’s epic.
And the unexpected twists in character and plot are worth playing that game for.
To say that the voice acting acting that goes along with them is just as good is almost moot. It’s wonderful.
And some of the characters are so down-to-earth. Sera, in her strange wonderful way, is one that I can find myself relating to a lot more than the others. She just wants to be herself, do her own thing, then whoops, shit gets fucked up and she can’t anymore.

I’m really on the fence about it all, I really am.
I want to love DA:I.
But I can’t seem to get into it all that much.

I should be playing the snot out of it this week due to moving house and pretty much everything else that keeps me entertained has been packed away. Like I did at the end of my Degree with Dragon Age 2. (I played DA from 10am – 2am some days)
But… I don’t think I will be.
I just can’t get into is as much.

Another confession to make.

I’ll just come right out with it.

I’ve been missing playing World of Warcraft.

I find the genre of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) very fascinating, I have played multiple MMO’s in the past. E.V.E Online, World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Furcadia, Anarchy Online, Final Fantasy XI, Phantasy Star Online and Universe, Ragnarok Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars The Old Republic and a brief trial of Warhammer Online.

So, out of all these games why do I miss playing World of Warcraft so much?

I think a big part of it is due to the people I was playing with. It can make or break a MMO, find a good group of people who are equally interested and enjoy playing and you’re onto a winner – I’m not saying the people I used to play with were perfect, but they were a decent bunch. (When they all got along and stuck on the same server as one another at least.)

The main part though, was the character investment.

I don’t believe that it is the greatest platform when it comes to making your own character. It certainly doesn’t  compare to the likes of Skyrim or Saints Row; The Third.
The thing with Online Games when you’re in a small community is they demand your time as a player, you need to make an investment in them to get something back.
I don’t think much can be gained from an MMO if they’re treated the same as an Offline/Solo play game. Yes, you get a bit of the storyline and unless they’re in-depth griping stories as they are in Star Wars; The Old Republic, but generally that isn’t the point to MMO’s. They don’t ever offer that feeling of completion. There is never an end to the story – that I have found.

So instead, you spend a lot of time playing as a character (Or maybe more) which tends to be something that’s not done on Offline Games – feel free to argue with me here – but once the story is done, that it. You leave that character behind and move on. I know I don’t often think of my Dragon Age characters all that much now that the game is over.

Yet, the main one I used in World of Warcraft still has their lure. I sometimes think about moving them out of the setting, but cannot bring myself to do it. They belong there, and they always will. Which is why I often feel that pull to go back and play some more. To see if they’re still the same character that I left behind… to see if their story is complete yet or not.

(Gaak – I’ve not played since Cataclysm… even then I didn’t do much in that expansion)
So why not go back? Why not indeed. That is a very valid question, but I am hesitant too. Life commitments maybe, lack of time and money, but mostly the lack of the people. Maybe if the team I had was still there, then I would consider it a bit more deeply; but for now I am just assuming that nostalgia is the main lure, and nostalgia makes things better


In relation to my last post..

I am actually away from where I normally post right now, which is why updates have been pretty slim. Staying with my parents is always a good time; I am now back in the house I grew up in. Tomorrow I have to sort out some of my old things, which is going to be a blast! No doubt I will be reminded more things to post about.

However in relation to my last post. We played the Indiana Jones game on the Wii. Beating up Germans with a piano, fighting them with plates and a whole host of other things, and just plain shooting them was great fun! Difficult, but fun. I do not own a Wii-Box so it is a rather big treat for me to play it, and getting to be Indiana Jenny again was just so much fun!

I shall update again with a bigger post as when I can think of something new that I want to confess; and have a bit more time.