E’ryday Im Buildin’

Whenever we don't have anything else in the Video Gaming world that hasn't completely gripped us, the husband and I turn to Minecraft. It isn't a game that I thought we would ever really get into, but our Nephews brought us a copy for Christmas a year or so ago and after an initial play... Continue Reading →

The Elder Scrolls Online – Early thoughts

I am pretty sure at some point in my life I vowed never to play an online MMO again, but The Elder Scrolls Online came recommended during a family visit and I was shown a little sneak peak so thought I would give it a go; what's the worst that could happen? I waste the... Continue Reading →

Internet Detox – Day Three

So, I am now onto day three of my detox. It's gotten a little harder. I can't express how important I feel this process is for me. I was spending all of my time on the internet. From, the moment my husband went to work to the time he got home again. So, that's at... Continue Reading →

Worst picture ever!

As promised, a picture of my Boss from Saints Row: The Third, taken really badly on my phone because Print-screen screen-shotting didn't work. I forgot that the game has a camera built into it; need to explore that some more. I now know tonights job! Along with blowing some stuff up! In a tank... or... Continue Reading →

A little something on a Galaxy far far away

I've been elsewhere lately. Sorry. For some reason, I've always reserved judgement on the world of Star Wars. For a few reasons itleft a bitter taste in my mouth. I wasn't alive for the first rush and fangasm it caused when it was first released, and when I saw the "new" films I just couldn't... Continue Reading →

Soul Calibur V

I rarely get angry about things But Soul Calibur 5 is actually making me rage! This weekend I had my sister come over and stay with me, which was epically great fun; rather than going out we opted to buy the new game in the Soul Calibur series. Personally, I have been a ran since... Continue Reading →


The hardest part of being a complete LYLO (Live your life Online) is the fact that you become close to people, and then like the wind they change and they're gone. I have met several people online, well, hundreds more like. Most of the people I know I have known for years. Some I have... Continue Reading →

Does anyone else have this?

I don't know why, but I tend to remember a hell of a lot of the things I do online. I remember pretty much everything that I roleplay out, or most of the people I meet. Even if I do not recall names all the time. I remember one instance of Warcraft, where I was... Continue Reading →

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