It’s win or lose.

I think it has been made pretty clear that I am a torn girl. Torn between my fangirly interests. A lot has happened as of late in the world of Game of Thrones and I am regularly plagued by my two men. Just the other night I had another Varys related dream - nothing quite... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants a best friend like me

Another night, another dream. I feel so connected now that I can dream again, it's unreal. I thought I had reported a dream with Varys in before, but looking over my archive it appears not. I am not always myself in my dreams I want to make this 100% clear, even as female entities they're... Continue Reading →


I've been having some really vivid dreams lately, I think my sleep pattern might have changed so that I can recall them easier or something. I am no expert. I have always liked dreaming, it's like having your own personal movie in your head that you watch while you're asleep. As we all know, I... Continue Reading →

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