Life updates and all that fun stuff.

The move into out beautiful new home went really well.

More or less as soon as the removals company got everything onto the lorry, we got the call saying that everything had completed on the solicitors end and we could pick up the keys for the new house.

All the boxes have been moved in and we’re currently going through the long process of finding a home for all our possessions – a much longer task than I had first figured; but seeing as my husband has taken the laddo swimming, I thought I would steal away a precious few minutes for myself rather than stare blankly at another box wondering where I could put it’s contents.

Already, I am feeling much more vibrant and ‘alive’ and I think it’s thanks to the fact that I can sit somewhere with natural light and where I can hear birds singing in the garden.

I feel really lucky that we managed to get this place – and we’ve already got some wonderful plans in mind for the garden as well as the house itself.

I’ll take some pictures and add them to the post tomorrow; really I’d like to share some ‘Before and after’ pictures of the house as we ‘do-it-up’ and make it ours.

While I was offline, I thought about the future of the blog – and how it has changed since it’s first conception all those years ago. Less and less is it about my Fangirling and the characters I love and adore. we’ve moved onto artwork now and how this place has become a hub for sharing my own art as well as that of others – which is something I would like to continue doing; but I’d also like to get a bit of focus on just the ‘daily life’ things that I’d just… like to share and write about. Like the house, how my garden is growing and my little family too; I’ll have to think about how to format it and have another little ‘play’ with things over here over the coming weeks and months.


Blogging Branding – Further Audit

I made a couple of little changes to the blog today.

I added some more categories – under the ‘Art’ umbrella.

There is Anthro/Furry – For everything animal-y themed.

Warhammer – For everything Warhammer fanarty

Misc – For everything else.

Really the two aspects of my art that I’d like to try and focus on are the Anthro and Warhammer side of things; be them pin-up style or otherwise and I think by having these categories here, I can use them to keep my mind focused this way.

Just wanted to make everyone aware that they can now browse my blog & art a little easier~

New Year, New Fangirl?

Hello everyone.

And a happy (belated) New Year to you all.

I hope you’re all recovered from eating too much chocolate and drinking too much alcohol!

We are now back into the usual routine of Toddler Group in the mornings, thankfully, and blogging in the early afternoon while my son sleeps. Or in the evening while he sleeps.
Things have changed a little bit around here since the end of 2017. I voiced my concerns with the internet as a whole and my use of it in my previous post and for a while I made my blog private and hid everything from view. But, after some thinking I have decided to keep the blog about and keep on updating.

But as I just mentioned, I have made a few changes. I’ve made a dedicated Abstract art blog called Art Enlightenment and a dedicated book ‘review’ blog called  The Eternal Bookcase. This is so that I can have special places for these two aspects of my interests. For a while, I was left wondering what I could use this blog for. I know I have often been confused while updating this blog because I don’t really know it’s purpose.

But then I was wondering about with Marcus and thinking about some things that were once pretty important to me and realised that I no longer have an outlet for them. Hobby stuff, like Wargaming, Roleplaying and Video gaming. But more than that a personal space to write down and vent my thoughts. Really the inner workings of an over-thinker and generally the additional parts of my personality that make me… me.

So I figured I should use this blog, as well as for my hobbies, but also for my unpopular opinions and somewhere to write down what I am thinking and how I am feeling.

I am not sure quite how I feel about running three different blogs as I’ve struggled with it in the past, but there is no harm in giving it a try. I know the book ‘review’ blog is more of an ‘as and when’ I finish a book update deal. The painting I am trying to keep going as much as possible. As for this place, I need to go through my categories and have a good old fashioned spring clean (Remove the book reviews stored here over to The Eternal Bookcase) and just generally get back into the swing of things again.


Water Colours – 280717

img_0413Hello everyone.

I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post.

I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive comments. I’ve ordered a few different style cards from Amazon, but seeing as they’ll take a while to arrive and I was enthusiastic and excited about the idea I popped into town today and found a stall on Bury Market that sold what I was looking for in the ways of card making. And here we are!

I’ve not set up a store or anything yet, as I’ve only got this one finished (my other paintings were too big for the windows, unfortunately) but as soon as I have a handful finished I’ll get something set up.



Home again

I am home now, from a vacation on the east coast. Staying with my parents is always wonderful – not only do we seem to pack so much into the time we spend with them, I always seem to come back home feeling refreshed (and I am sure they feel absolutely pooped in exchange!)

I sadly didn’t manage to get anything arty done while I was with them (Other than the start of a logo, which was shared in my previous post) but I did manage to get a bit of foraging done. They live on an absolutely wonderful coast line with shells, stones and other interesting looking ‘things’ that I am not even sure what they are. So, I am looking forward to having a play with some compositions on board in the next few days.

I also stumbled across another more formed composition idea, so need to get out the house and find some sticks!

I’ve also looked into setting up an etsy store – apparently, I already had one, so I am going through the motions of changing it all up so that the name fits with what I am doing now. It’ll take a bit more work yet, but I’ll hopefully have some paintings up on there to share with you all soon.

While I was away, I did a lot of reading, so I have set up another blog for book reviews. I thought I would share the link with you, in case that sort of thing interested you. I’d rather keep the two blog ideas apart. This will always be my main focus, art, but I enjoy sharing my thoughts on what I read also. So figured, why not!?

Also, I have been rather confused about what I have been sharing where as I’ve been trying to keep up with various places on the social media front. So, I have had to streamline and cut out a few of them. I am wondering if Twitter is really a good place for artists to share their works or if people have found Instagram more worth-while? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on social media for artists. What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

I’ll update with something visual as soon as I can.


Hi guys,

Been a bit again. It seems whenever I resolved to update the blog more often I forget about it and have to do some sort of grovelling whenever I do come to post here. So maybe I should just stop trying to make that dedicated effort and just post whenever inspiration hits!

After a good while of feeling a bit empty on the fangirling front, I got myself back into my oldest fandom; Aliens.

It’s not a fandom that I tend to do much visual stuff over, mostly becuase I am intimidated by the metric fuck-ton of good artists out there that can do the series justice.

Instead, I write bad fanfiction for it. Haha.

I’ve recently started something called the ‘My 500 words’ challenge. Which is exactly that. You write 500 words a day, at the very least. This is to help me try and get back into the habit of writing again. Fanfiction used to be the thing that kept me going and I’ve been pretty neglectful over it in favour of drawing in recent years. But I felt like picking the hobby up again; especially after the last bout of drama and honestly, I just get a bit pissed off with everything furry. This isn’t anything new. I’ll go back to it at some point, I usually do. I’m just fed up of the imature mentality behind the vasy majority of the furry fandom so I’ll just… leave it be.

So, because of the 500 word challenge, I’ve been doing pretty well at getting things churned out. I’ve written the first of many flash fictions with Lucreace; we’ve got a prompt list and are writing some short stories to go with them. She for 40k Space Marines and I for Aliens. Giving ourselves a 2500 word limit and a week (more or less) to get something done. I’ve only done one, but it’s been a good challenge so far and I am enjoying it greatly – I now have an idea for this weeks challenge so I’m going to get right on it after this blog post.

I’m working on Hudsons Escape again. I’ll write more about this fiction in another post, cause I have a lot to say about it!

Also in the works is another Aliens fiction; Unchartered World, it started off as just an exersize in free writing but I got a belter of a review on it, so I feel like I should do some more with it! But I honestly have no idea where to take it! Whoops!!

I’ve also stepped up as moderator for the Aliens Fans group on dA. Hoping to get a few contests going there soon. Hurrah!

Scan 35


This is the last thing I drew, it’s a picture of Ripley. I’d love to have more time to draw and write, but being a Mum time is one precious comodity. Right now I am enjoying this Aliens high and am intending on keeping it going for a long, long time. When I do more stuff I’ll share it with you here, but it’ll probably be in the form of links to fanfiction.

I tried 3D stuff, but my laptop cried itself into oblivion over the rendering this time around. Not sure why! I might have to try it on the husbands PC at some point, see if I can get something going there instead.

Until next time.