[Commission] Chickpaints88

It's been a while since I felt able to update - we've had a slew of illnesses in the house and it's prevented me from being here. But, I have been working on commissions and this bust for Chickpaints88 was finished a while back - the first of a few busts I've managed to complete... Continue Reading →

Ultramarine Commissions

I have another couple of Space Marine bust commissions to share today. These are of the Imperiums finest! Ultramarines! Each had their own little challenges - which I always enjoy - especially the Phobos pattern armour - there was very little in the way of references for it seeing as it is so new; but... Continue Reading →

Ultramarine Pin-Up

A lot of my artwork is inspired by silly conversation over on Twitter. When discovering that there is someone out there who has as much need for Pin Up Space Marines as I do, I had to get back to work on that sort of thing! It also fits in with the whole, trying to... Continue Reading →

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