My first Character

Seeing as this blog is new I am going to assume that no one knows who I am or who my characters are. So I figure the first 'serious' post should be a bit about the first character and piece of art I ever created. I was sitting at my Aunt and Uncles house with... Continue Reading →

Horrid Complications

  "Don't fret so, my dear Torquemada, I've not forgotten you." The words came as fleeting comfort for the Cenobite, he'd heard the words countless times afore. He knew what they meant and they caused him to toy subconsciously with the stitches that cut into his flesh. The reconfiguration of his flesh was long over... Continue Reading →

I’m my own biggest fan – part 6

I know we all have to start somewhere with our art, but even so I am a bit embarrassed to even share this one with everyone so publicly. It's the first picture of my first furry character, then called Cenobite, I changed his name to Torquemada. Mostly to give him a bit more originality and... Continue Reading →

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