Patreon Reward: Samurai Feline

This is a Patreon Reward for maenoferren22, who has very kindly supported me on my Patreon Page. What I love about Patreon - just like my commissions - is that I get to draw requests for people that I would never have thought about drawing myself. In this case a Samurai Feline; I chose a... Continue Reading →

  Does anyone else feel like their art changes between the sketching phase and the completion phase? I know that the obvious answer is yes, because it clearly does. But, what I feel is that there is so much life and energy in sketches, but in artwork in it's final form feels rather... lifeless compared?... Continue Reading →

Kizmit Lines & Video

Not got much to say about this one. It is a bit of a change in direction thematically, going back to furry artwork; but it's something I've always enjoyed and probably always will do so it'll be featured every now and again - I do wish to take my blog in a more hobby direction;... Continue Reading →

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