Watercolour – 29/05/2019

Sorry that this scanned in so poorly - I need to figure out a way to scan or photograph watercolour paper cause of how it wrinkles and cockles it doesn't seem to flatten very well on the scanner bed. Maybe if I tried ironing it between some cloth to get it to flatten better. If... Continue Reading →

Heading in the right direction

This feels more like where I'd like to be! I can't express how happy I am to have been able to achieve this, it feels so much more 'me' than what I'd been sharing previously! I feel like this is my 'voice' this is art that is completely unique to me and I am so... Continue Reading →

Bombin’ it!

I've been trying my hand at competitions at the local Photographic Society, these are members-only contests that are divided up into three sections. Club Class, Advanced Monochrome and Advanced Colour. They happen every other month in DPI and Print format. My first venture was very encouraging - it was the print round and I submitted... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Local

While out and about last week I managed to get a couple of shots that I deemed worth sharing on here. They’re simple textures or colour works that caught my eye while doing the usual rounds of dog walking – it’s my intention to start taking a camera with my wherever I go, even if... Continue Reading →

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