New Brief

We've been given a new brief at Uni this week. An advertisement brief to bring a fresh audience to the seemingly old fashioned product of Spam. We have to use an Alien, Spaceperson and a robot in the advertisement. It is an interesting adventure so far and I've been working mostly on character designs and... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the party?

Some work in progress scratchboard images for a Cocktail Party. An extension to a Summer Project in which we had to design several characters. We've now got to gather these characters together and host a party for them. As a test and for practise the ferret character was originally drawn and etched into black scratch... Continue Reading →

Approaching the final hurdle

By this time next year. I'll have been a post-graduate for nearly a month. A concept that is frightening and exhilarating all in one. I am thankful that I still have the intervening time to continue my fast-paced learning and build a portfolio worthy of a Final Degree show. I am currently a Third year... Continue Reading →

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