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Tag: Star Wars

Darth Maul

I’ve wanted to do something with Darth Maul since the beginning of time; I only ever drew him one other time and that was way back in 2012 for a […]

Hi gang

It’s been a while again, and the usual apologies are going out to those who enjoy my updates. What’s have I got to say for myself thus far…? In exciting […]

A New Hope

The film this week, I settled down to watch rather begrudgingly.  As the title suggests it was Star Wars: A New Hope.  It’s fairly obvious that I like Star Wars, […]

A thought on the extent of Fangirling

I came across something on Tumblr earlier today, it was a little comic strip about Star Wars: The Old Republic about how all Zabraki players choose to look like Darth […]

Just a couple of art things

  Just a couple of sketchy things today. Thought I may as well share them on there, seeing as I made my previous blog post about him. Not really done […]