Darth Maul – Fan Art

Oh my word! Honestly, I really should do more full illustrations like this! They looks so much more... more! I really like Darth Maul as a character and have done for the *longest* time! I figured though that he is such a popular character, the last thing people wanted to see was my shitty rendition.... Continue Reading →

Darth Maul

I’ve wanted to do something with Darth Maul since the beginning of time; I only ever drew him one other time and that was way back in 2012 for a fund-raiser I did on facebook for Motor Neurone Disease.  It was great too finally get to draw the best thing to come out of The... Continue Reading →

Hi gang

It's been a while again, and the usual apologies are going out to those who enjoy my updates. What's have I got to say for myself thus far...? In exciting news, something called "Rambo the Video Game" has been brought to my attention, it seems to be a little bit on the dubious side and... Continue Reading →

A New Hope

The film this week, I settled down to watch rather begrudgingly.  As the title suggests it was Star Wars: A New Hope.  It's fairly obvious that I like Star Wars, as it's been shown in previous posts, but it seems that whenever Star Wars is brought up you just cannot avoid the divide between the... Continue Reading →

A thought on the extent of Fangirling

I came across something on Tumblr earlier today, it was a little comic strip about Star Wars: The Old Republic about how all Zabraki players choose to look like Darth Maul. It was a critique about how unoriginal players of games can be. Let me see if I can find it for you... (Credit for... Continue Reading →

A little something on a Galaxy far far away

I've been elsewhere lately. Sorry. For some reason, I've always reserved judgement on the world of Star Wars. For a few reasons itleft a bitter taste in my mouth. I wasn't alive for the first rush and fangasm it caused when it was first released, and when I saw the "new" films I just couldn't... Continue Reading →

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