Kizmit Lines & Video


Not got much to say about this one. It is a bit of a change in direction thematically, going back to furry artwork; but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and probably always will do so it’ll be featured every now and again – I do wish to take my blog in a more hobby direction; but that’d involve Pin-Up Space Marines and I don’t know if the world is ready for that yet!!


Skaejre Bust


Another speed paint video for you – I wanted to see how things looked when finishing a picture with colours and such.

I think I made the colouring part of the video a bit too quick though, it’s a bit difficult to keep up with it – something to remember for the next one!

I currently host my videos on youtube; WordPress does have the option of uploading videos, but you need to have a premium account for it (and not the cheapest option either) so I am thinking of ways I can afford this and potentially make the upgrade. For the time being I’ll have to use YouTube and hope that it all goes okay.

I would much prefer to keep things ‘in house’ but when that’s not an option others have to be explored!

The character is Skaejre, the ‘main’ character from my Sea of Souls project.



Devon Speed Lines


So, thanks to Amanda May, I was inspired to try my hand at doing some videos of me drawing/lining in some work.

The video itself is a little bit ‘rough and ready’ because it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this.

Also, the line art is from 2007, I found it while updating my art archives on dA, but I figured it was good enough to use as a test run for speed painting/drawing videos.

I can’t promise I’ll do this for every picture I draw; especially some of the ones that take me longer to create – like the Primarchs. It’s just a bit of fun and to see if I could do it for myself.

Just a little something for those who may, or may not, be interested in seeing my process