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Commission: Executioners

A commission for Devout Skavenist on Twitter – a bust of them as an Executioner Space Marine. Back to the standard commission sort with this one, but always a pleasure, I assure you. — If you enjoy my artwork, please consider supporting me on Patreon.Alternatively, why not buy some for


Right now, I feel like I am a million miles from where I want to be artistically.I am pleased that I am able to create and draw, especially the things that I really enjoy – hobby related stuff – but I really need to put more work in to get

Space Marine Commissions

A couple more commissions finished this week. More Space Marine busts. These are for Brownie with a Brush and Pictish Mini Paint If you’re interested in a bust like this please visit my commissions page.Alternatively, you can support me on Patreon~

Commission Dump

I thought I’d upload these on one larger post, rather than have them all individually – got to save some space for other things. When I said commissions were back on the menu, I meant it! These are all done for various clients on Twitter during the past few days

Can’t go wrong with an Ultramarine

It feels like it’s been an absolute age since I drew one of these! This Ultramarine is for Stuart Weavers in return for their kind donation on my Ko-Fi account. It was great to be able to do some Warhammer based artwork again. As I said, it feels like it

Small steps

I made some small steps of progress with Primaris Marines today. I managed to get a couple of base coats on. Slow and steady wins the race and all that!

Commission: DeathbyEdvin

I was recently tagged in a conversation on Twitter about my busts – DeathbyEdvin was asking where other Emperors Spears players got theirs from – and there seemed to be some disappointment expressed when it says on my profile I am closed for commissions (Which I am in any official

Daily Challenge #2 – Larger model

These challenges are so much daily updates, but more an as and when I get round to them! Honestly, anything to keep the hobby going and working on different things is all good to me. I’ve had this Ironclad Dreadnought on the go for a while now and figured doing

[Commission] Daemon_Hammer

Another commission bust – this one for Daemon_Hammer. Drawing has taken over as the ‘main’ activity of the blog (and life) again at the moment and I’m trying to keep what I share at least relevant to the hobby. I’ll be doing a larger post in the next few days

[Commission] Cliffe_G

Space Marine Bust Commission for Cliffe_G on Twitter. This is them in their Home Brew Chapters colours & Heraldry – The Vespa Umbra. Another bust done, loads to go!! I am glad that these are taking off again after the wobble/break I had at the beginning of the year~

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