An art update~

I wanted to upload and share my recent artsy adventures on here~ Not much to really say about them - they're my anthropomorphic works and I don't feel the need to speak volumes about them! They're fun and the images have various names of people they're gifts for. Some of the sketches are a bit... Continue Reading →


Hi Gang, I brought myself a copy of Artists and Illustrators magazine to try and find a bit of inspiration, as I'd been feeling a little bit stale. Buying magazines isn't something that I do all that often, and I really, really should correct this as I think it did the trick. There was a... Continue Reading →

Eldar Sketchbook

Today was the local Games Workshops Store Birthday, which is always a fun treat. Usually featuring a heap of cake and fun games for those that want to be involved. Earlier this week they announced something that really piqued my interest. They had some Eldar Sketchbooks on offer. A limited edition art book (which I... Continue Reading →

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