A quick refresh

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm changing my main character from Jenn to Skaejre. This means that I needed to put in a bit more work in designing Skaejre and making her visual signature a bit more comfortable to recreate - I've been drawing Jenn for so long that drawing her has become second... Continue Reading →

Skaejre Bust

Another speed paint video for you - I wanted to see how things looked when finishing a picture with colours and such. I think I made the colouring part of the video a bit too quick though, it's a bit difficult to keep up with it - something to remember for the next one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN0yMgtPWJA&t=1s... Continue Reading →

Ethan Russo – Concept and creation

I've been working a bit more on Ethan Russo, a character from my Sea of Souls project. It was this character that started off the whole thing as it was him that (oh so cliche) came to me in a dream - with his portal nightmare in tow. It's taken me a while to work... Continue Reading →

More Aesthetic Boards

A few more Aesthetic Boards for Sea of Souls characters. Everard, the Templar and Relic Hunter. Sky Captain Farrell Severance - the bad guy! Just though I would share these with everyone here, seeing as things feel like that have been a bit of a lull - I don't know why, cause I have been... Continue Reading →

Guest Art – Thiccs

A part of keeping myself inspired by personal projects and things has always been being able to get commissions from other people. So, when I got back into Sea of Souls, I thought I’d buy a picture or two of some of the cast - most of the people I know on art sites are... Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Boards

After a wonderful long weekend away, I thought I would have something a bit more to show or write about - instead, I feel a little uninspired and drained. Sadly, I got precious little done to Sea of Souls other than adding a few passages to the Snowflake Method document; which is something I suppose.... Continue Reading →

Skaejre ref & notes

I've been loosely toying with the idea of dragging up 'Sea of Souls' from the depths again. I've always wanted to play with characters from a rich world, who are all connected together in some larger story somehow - I'd originally been thinking of changing my furry characters into 'humans' in an alternative universe, but... Continue Reading →

Sea of Souls – Update

So, I did a little bit of work yesterday on Sea of Souls (This project really needs a better title) Mostly in the bringing myself back up to speed department. I realised that I still have a lot of planning to do in regards to the whole thing. Ultimately, I would like to write it... Continue Reading →

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