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After a wonderful long weekend away, I thought I would have something a bit more to show or write about - instead, I feel a little uninspired and drained. Sadly, I got precious little done to Sea of Souls other than adding a few passages to the Snowflake Method document; which is something I suppose.... Continue Reading →

Sea of Souls update

I wrote a few descriptions the other day. Nothing to overly complicated or serious - just to accompany some folders on my DeviantArt Gallery. They were of some of the characters in the Sea of Souls project that I have had going on for some time (Which reminds me, I really should add a section... Continue Reading →

An old project reborn?

I don't know if you'll see the image properly. Honestly, it's a pretty bad scan in the first place; but I thought it was the perfect starting point for explaining the idea behind Sea of Souls (Name is a placeholder) - I may need a cup of tea for this one, bare with me. --... Continue Reading →


Sabastian is an ooooldish character of mine. He originated from a story that I was going to write. In my head I played out the story and generally lost interest in ever actually writing it - even though it would have been awesome, trust me - I had a dream the other night about the... Continue Reading →

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