This, by far, has been the most challenging blog post for me to write. I’m not usually one for reviewing things in any solid format; more putting my thoughts down for the blogsphere to read. So when it comes to penning out my thoughts on Guildforged – an RPG I’ve had the pleasure of playing with my Tuesday group written and hosted by our usual GM Ben Redmond – I’m not overly sure where I should begin.

I think it’s only fair to state from the off that I am not a Guildball player, so I am certain that players of the table top game will get more out of Guildforged than I ever could.

That’s not to say it’s a bad system I very much enjoyed playing as ‘Big Al’ from the Butchers guild and probably as hard hitting as a character gets in the Guildforged / Guildball setting. I am all about the hard hitting, guys!

What Ben has done by taking the world of Guildball and creating an entire RPG around it is actually pretty amazing. Expanding the world to those who aren’t familiar with the table top game and making it more accessible to people who don’t play the table top game – at one point I even toyed with the idea of getting a Guildball team as I was so inspired by Guild Forged; I didn’t mostly due to time and money constraints, but my husband plays. From what I know about Guild Ball, Ben has also expended on the other Guilds, allowing them to be played whereas you cannot (yet) in the Table top game, picking up the Seamstress’, Messengers and Hunters guilds (Though I do believe the Hunters Guild models were released while we were playing?) And there may be others that I cannot currently recall.


Although when we played all our characters were from different Guilds they all seemed to be brought together for the storyline of the campaign; which was something that went in Guild Forgeds favour, the party wasn’t limited to one specific guild unlike the table top game (with the exception of Union players.) And the clever adaptation of Influence and Momentum worked really well and added a dynamic to roleplaying that I’ve not yet come across in other games – allowing your character to have more than one ‘turn’ at doing an action during combat or allowing another character to jump the initiative cue. So if you needed to catch up to someone quicker you’d allow a faster character to move more. Or if you needed someone beating in, you allowed your more combat focused characters to take more turns (up to their influence cap) Adding bonus dice to your poll via the use of momentum also made you feel really epic!

It’s all looking pretty positive.

However, I did come across some light critique for the game as a non-Guildball player.

And that is the damage table.

Stating that you get to do a “Momentous, one damage.” Just seemed nothing short of sarcastic! Momentum is a dynamic in the table top game, just so we know. Now, doing one damage in Guild forged/ball isn’t a bad thing. It’s very good, actually. But, one damage just sounds and feels a bit crap! Big Al, could get up to four damage per turn, which is (as far as I know) the highest amount of damage going. It still just sounds naff!

And after speaking with the husband about pushing and dodges; they seem to work better for the tabletop game. I believe that pushing someone out of the arena/ring/board does more than just pushing them about the pub/combat area in the RPG.

Yet, as I have stated, this is because I am a non-guild ball player. From the other point of view, I can see that your character having their own playbook is a really great nod to the Tabletop game rules – and it would be great if you could get the template for the games cards and be able to make your own with your own picture of the character.

Seeing as Ben Redmond is an Award Nominated RPG writer, the game itself is pretty exeptional to begin with, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to get a game with him as your GM as well, then you’re really getting your monies worth from Guildforged. And seeing as it’s all free it’s totally worth it! I urge everyone to give it a go, be them a Guildball player or not as I really enjoyed the system and the campaign. I look forward to playing it again with the Tuesday group sometime.

You can read Bens write up (so far) of the groups adventure here



Prompt – Secret

I confess, I’ve been roleplaying online again.

I have had more than my fair share of gripes about this particular activity in the past. I’ve been put off that some of the worst people in a roleplaying community than you can think of.
Overly dramatic people that take everything to seriously.
People that don’t know how to keep their hands on their own characters and leave yours well alone.
Over powered original characters
Boring one liners

You get the picture.

So I was really reluctant to give everything yet another go. But I am glad I took the leap of faith. Firstly, I am writing as a character that I have connected with – which took me a long time to find, believe you me! They are a character that has featured on my blog before now. And I am getting a flood of storylines in which makes me very happy indeed. More so I have been complimented on roleplaying this character – which makes me feel wonderful.


I just didn’t want this aspect ofmy life to me this big secret thing – I’ve always shied away from telling people that I write storylines with other creative people, like it’s something to be really ashamed of.

Roleplaying as Thor reminds me a lot of roleplaying as my old Norse badger charcater, Frey. They are pretty similar in mentality, Thor just has a bit more to him to make him interesting to write. Only thing is you have to get pretty damned good at describing Thunderstorms! I think the other thing that has helped me overcome the whole worrying about roleplaying is that the Marvel community over on (Where I RP) is really friendly and welcoming to new people.
I don’t know how long I will be roleplaying like this for, considering my irritations mentioned above and in previous posts, but I hope it’ll last for a while yet.

And if I get any really juicy stories, I’ll share them with you!

I want to talk to you about Roleplay.

Roleplaying is something that I have done for over half of my life. Once upon a time it actually meant more to me than my real life did. It was the wonderfully, perfect escape that I needed at that point in my life. I could be the most handsome man ever and be the best prince that I could ever be for my wonderful princess!


It was wonderful. More importantly, it was good fun. It helped me to feel connected to people that I cared deeply for that I could never be with. Mostly, it was just that escape that I needed. It got me away from a boring day job, out of a relationship that I had no real passion for and away from the dull monotony of everyday. I needed it then.

I don’t need it now.

Now, try as I might I just can’t seem to find my spark for it anymore.

I’ve tried several times to rekindle my passion for writing with other people and sharing storylines, but it’s just not happening. It’s not even the fact that I get so bored with it after just a few sessions. Now, I can’t even be arsed to do those few sessions because I know that the fire isn’t inside me anymore.

I would rather attempt to spend my time rekindling other passions – getting back into my personal writing or drawing or even 3D rendering.
But there is more to it than just my lack of passion. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need to escape from a job I dislike, because I am working on my own business now and I really enjoy it. My life doesn’t suck so bad that I need a departure from it into somewhere else; anytime I need to escape I would rather read a book. I’m not in a relationship that I feel trapped in. Everyday I do something for myself in other ways, be it drawing something, playing a game (Or more recently walking the dog and playing with him)

I guess this is a journal to say that really, I am and have moved on from the pretending to be someone else.
It’s time to be myself for once.
Do things for myself.

7zXHofEtransBecause, mostly the people that want RP, are selfish.
The other day, I was RPing on Frey. I stated that I had to head off for a while because my new puppy needed some attention. So the person I was RPing just emoted to me “:crates puppy.”
You expect me to put my puppy in a cage for longer than he deserves just so I can carry on writing some stupid shit over the internet with you?
Bah. No thanks. I’d prefer to play with my puppy!!

Maybe I’ve been on the internet for too long and am cynical?

But I’ve also noticed that a lot of people who roleplay have problems. Either health or mental problems. I’m not saying each and every one of these people is lying, but not everyone I talk to has problems surely!? Apparently, they do! Some sort of issue or another. Things that just seem as an excuse for all their lives problems or why they can’t do things.
“I lost my passwords, I can’t spell, I failed school,” etc
I just get fed up of hearing other peoples crappy. bullshit excuses.

So, yeah.
I don’t think I will be attempting the whole Online Roleplaying thing for a while. For many reasons.
I’ll stick to my Tuesday night tabletop stuff thanks.
It’s more interesting and I don’t hear bollocks excuses all night.

It’s win, win!!

In the land of fangirling not much has really been going on.
I’ve mostly been concerned with my own characters, but even than at a much subdued note than normal. It’s a little strange to feel so quiet. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing some more writing, but sadly my artwork has really been taking up pride and place of everything at the moment.

I always enjoy looking through my referring searches over here on, they bring up all sorts of memories for me.
Though, seeing Captain Rhodes Day of the Dead Fanfiction in the bunch this time sent shivers down my spine. It’s good to know he is still out there haunting me.

As for Roleplaying, I’ve not done any written roleplay in a very long time. I’ve tried, but I just can’t seem to get anything to stick and you know what. I don’t feel bad about it anymore either, I like the tabletop stuff I do far, far more. I didn’t think I would connect with characters that I didn’t write about, but that’s not true. Even the Pathfinder character I RP as has been great fun; but that’s probably my Orc weakness showing!


We’re playing a game called Etherscope (Or about to anyway) and I am very happy to brag about the fact that our GM is Ben Redmond… if you don’t know who that is in connection to Etherscope then you need a slap!
I am excited about playing it actually – not only because our GM is pretty much amazing, but because of the character I’ve managed to come up with.
Royan, an Ether-Psychic who has a talent with talking to the dead/spirits. While on the outside owns a wonderfully weird shock of curiosities, apparently filled with bad Taxidermy and a little lab to make drugs out of the dignity of Leptard. 
Personal in-jokes aside, I’ve been anting to try out Etherscope for a while, so am looking forward to it. 😀

In personal news, I am getting married soon so I am mostly getting prepared for the big day on the 11th of October. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some of my own fictions as well, like I have ideas for off-shoot stories connected with Sea of Souls, but you know should probably get the first one written first – but if just add-libbing and entire story really the best way to go about things? I mean, I’ve shotgunned my way through fictions before, but they’ve been personal… actually so is Sea of Souls, but yanno.

I should just write, and write some more! Cause, that’s how things get written. Like, stop worrying about it Jenn and just do it.

The days research.. so far.

I’ve had a pretty focused morning; those that know me well enough know that I am not always a morning person – they also know that I can be a morning person but everything about me tends to be completely random and nothing is ever really fixed about my routines (Other than what others have put into place)

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve been having some thoughts lately; about the whole blogging thing and how to get a bit more interaction on here: I run another blog. I actually struggle with bridging the gaps between my illustration – something that I still view that should be professional –  which is totally wrong. My work should be fun as well. Yet I somehow have the need to keep these worlds apart, even though at the same time the bridge should be blown up and in the resulting explosions the two things should fuse together to become some horrendous monster of a thing that is so totally Jenn that it cannot be denied! I just don’t know how to use C4!

Again with the digression.

The research this morning has taken me on a slightly strange tangent.
I’ve been looking at different forms of character creation.

One avenue I have been looking at is characters created for use in predefined worlds. Mostly character sheets for RP games at this stage, and the development (Or lack of) that can go into these characters that players live out the lives of.

Character sheet from the Fantasy Flight game Dark Heresy
The above is a blank example of a character sheet.
As a player of these games, I always have a connection to the character that I am assuming the role of. Even if that character is just a simple Taxi-Driver from a single session, or a big barbarian Orc that smashes things and keeps everyone alive.
It’s a difficult thing to explain but it is something that I shall look into at some point.
Maybe a session involving character creation as a part of the game (This has been done with my group, but I need to write up about it still) or a game where everyone creates a character and then we swap characters to see how we feel about the character they’re given – and seeing how the character the player has developed plays in someone else’s hands – might be an interesting experiment.
In other news I received an email with various character descriptions in it from Debbie Rushby’s writing club. They’re brilliant descriptions written by a range of ages 7 – 10 (And a bonus one from Miss Rushby herself!)
I am looking forward to creating some characters from the descriptions of others; especially because of the challenge of some of these descriptions.
Alex Horricks – 7
“Lennon the Army man.
There was a man called Lennon who was in the army. He was 12 years old (this must seem ancient when your 7) from Scotland. His hair is bright orange.”
An example of what I am having to work with for these.
I’m going to be writing some of my own as well, maybe connected to some of the more personal projects that I have going on?
So I can get a handle on that C4 that I mentioned earlier!!