Primaris Psyker – Aris 412th


I wasn’t exaggerating when I started a tweet about this model saying ‘Five years later I finally base and finish this model’ only, it wasn’t five years, it was six!

I first mentioned this character on my blog back in August, 2012, and his model came before any of the artwork of him – cause I had to base the artwork and character on something! So he has taken a long time to be finished off (It’s also kind of funny that I still think of my Imperial Guard Army as one of my newer armies too. Yikes)

Of course there are parts of this model that I am unhappy with – my faces need work still but seeing as this guy was originally painted so long ago, I can’t be too harsh and judgemental. Really, the only thing about him that is new is the base and that was a simple case of texture paint and sticking some grass on.

But, this part of the year, for me, is all about finishing off started projects and finding some closure for the year ready to start again in the New Year. So, I am pretty pleased with myself and the fact that I did, finally, get something done.


Nihilius Tybalt Portrait


I wanted to make a quick portrait of my Dark Heresy Psyker – it’s been a while since we played any Dark Heresy, but it’s the one resource on my blog that keeps the punters coming back, so I thought I should do a little something for it.

That and the whiff on the air for our weekly RP group is that we’ll be picking it up again soon.

That and Witch Hunter, so I’ll have to draw my character for that sometime soon.


Nihilius Sketch


In the hope to keep things going on here – after leaving them to go stale for a while – I thought I would share this sketch with everyone.

It is my Dark Heresy character, Nihilius, who I originally drew back in 2013 so this is something of a redraw too. Or will be when I get around too finishing it.

I might line it digitally, print it out and try some traditional colours – I am really not confident with my traditional inking stuff at the moment cause it has been an age! But it’s be awesome to be able to colour some of my own artwork with my coloured pencils again!


Anyway, Nihilius’ outfit design was inspired by the Boer War and the film Zulu. I wanted something a bit different – he is a Telepath Psyker and mind reads/rapes people and I wanted a look for him that didn’t go with his very ‘Grim dark’ setting/nature.


Battle Report. Number ?

So I lied about finishing one fiction before starting another.
I couldn’t help it. The guys talking to me just wouldn’t shut up until I started on their story. So I did. I hope they’re satisfied now!

I’ll try and see this one through to the end before doing anything else.

Had my first game with my Guardsmen the other day.
It was really fun, and really different!
We allied with the Templars of Righteousness; which we always will do as that’s what they were brought for.
Having a Psyker on the side was really different as well, never used one before (As lame as that sounds) as the Blood Guard thinks all that magic stuff is a bit heretical… I hope they never meet my Guard army.

Anyway. Back on Track.
The game was against some Dark Elves, which I’ve never faced before. They can pack some really nasty stuff, but are pretty squishy; so it was really nice to introduce them to a few rounds of Lasgun fire. Elves don’t like torches it seems. Especially dark elves. (Haha, bad pun)

I can’t really think of anything overly amazing that happened during the battle. Only that my Primaris Psyker got denied… twice. Which he wasn’t overly impressed with.
My mental Veterans didn’t really get their chance to shine in this particular game, but my Platoon Commander did like giving it to Lelith (I think thats her name)

The Templars of Righteousness basically did all the ass kicking while the Guardsmen (Who still need a name, needs to be something Aliens related) held an objective!

So…who wants to send me on a battle report writing course!?


This might be a crazy undertaking, but I am going to try and finish the fanfiction stories that I have started writing before looking at doing another!
I have a lot to finish, but I just feel really bad leaving some of the characters hanging. Especially Hudson who has been waiting for so long now. The story was just about to get going as well, he’s been running away from the newly released Xenomorphs for…. how long now? A couple of years maybe?

On another note which is only half related to the post above…
I started a new Army over the weekend.
Shock! Horror! Have you betrayed the Emperor of Mankind Jenn?
No such Heresy here!

It is an Imperial Guard army.
My thinking behind this is, thanks to the 6th Edition rulebook you can officially have allies. It is a great way for new players to have games with more experienced players and learn the rules. I’ve been doing it a fair bit with Commander Eloth who has been joining the Blood Guard (Vanilla Space Marines); mostly with an alliance of Space Wolves, withthe Blood Guard having the higher points count.
So I thought I would be nice and have the option for us to turn the tables so that Eloth can bring his Space Marines and be joined with my currently nameless band of Imperial Guardsmen.

The theme of this new allied army is going to be based on Aliens (The movie, not the Xenos scum) As a fair while ago I brought some bits and things to make just a squad of them, for the shits and giggles of it! Now, they can be put to good use, and actually be a part of something.
We even have an old Rhino going spare that they are going to use as an APC!

HQ choice will be a sanctioned Psyker, who will be Ripley or maybe Bishop when I can find an appropriate model for her, or him.

As an Elite Choice, a Psyker Battle quad with n overseer (Probably Rambo stolen from my Necromunda gang) and three (Or more) Alien Mutants as the actual Psykers.

It’s only the start of a plan at the moment, and may take a while (And a few viewings of Aliens… what a shame) tocomplete, but Iproise pictures once it has formed as I’ve not shared anything even remotely Wargame related on here in ages.

Also wargaming related.
I had the worst game of 40k in recent history last week. Not because I got my ass kicked (I didn’t, Eloth and I won victory 9 – 2) but because I have never come across as player such as that!

For the Emperor!!