Personal Sketches

I managed to get a couple of personal sketches done a couple of days ago, but only just got round to scanning them in to share them. I've been trying to reinvigorate myself when it comes to personal characters - I've found myself in a but if a lull with them so forced myself to... Continue Reading →

Primaris Psyker – Aris 412th

I wasn't exaggerating when I started a tweet about this model saying 'Five years later I finally base and finish this model' only, it wasn't five years, it was six! I first mentioned this character on my blog back in August, 2012, and his model came before any of the artwork of him - cause... Continue Reading →

Nihilius Tybalt Portrait

I wanted to make a quick portrait of my Dark Heresy Psyker - it's been a while since we played any Dark Heresy, but it's the one resource on my blog that keeps the punters coming back, so I thought I should do a little something for it. That and the whiff on the air... Continue Reading →

Nihilius Sketch

In the hope to keep things going on here - after leaving them to go stale for a while - I thought I would share this sketch with everyone. It is my Dark Heresy character, Nihilius, who I originally drew back in 2013 so this is something of a redraw too. Or will be when... Continue Reading →

Battle Report. Number ?

Okays. So I lied about finishing one fiction before starting another. I couldn't help it. The guys talking to me just wouldn't shut up until I started on their story. So I did. I hope they're satisfied now! I'll try and see this one through to the end before doing anything else. Try! --- Had... Continue Reading →


This might be a crazy undertaking, but I am going to try and finish the fanfiction stories that I have started writing before looking at doing another! I have a lot to finish, but I just feel really bad leaving some of the characters hanging. Especially Hudson who has been waiting for so long now.... Continue Reading →

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