Snowflake Method

I have been trying to write some of my own personal projects for a good while now. Some of the stories I’ve been half-arsedly trying to write I have had in my head for years. I’ve only really dabbled with getting them down onto paper, as I feel like they have been mamothly epic novels […]


Sea of Souls update

I wrote a few descriptions the other day. Nothing to overly complicated or serious – just to accompany some folders on my DeviantArt Gallery. They were of some of the characters in the Sea of Souls project that I have had going on for some time (Which reminds me, I really should add a section […]


Ever since

Ever since I spoke to someone about my old story idea, all the voices connected to it have been talking at me constantly. It’s been pretty hard to deal with. Even Everard has made it known to me that he’d like a part to play there, and his place has been found. I wish I […]