Nathaniel Base

Been working on a series of outfits for Primaris Nathaniel Greyson – it feels like forever since I did anything with him, so it’s great to get back on board.

The last outfit, the vampire one, was from a prompt on Tumblr and was a lot of fun. I drew on inspiration from the Olde World Warhammer Vampire Counts for the aesthetic, but didn’t want to deviate from his default outfits colours too much, so I used liberal helpings of administratum grey!

It was also great to be able to draw his base as well, to show how far the corruption goes into his body and that it’s not just his arm that is mutated.

I hope you like them~



Born to Die~

This is some purely self indulgent art-stuff.
I’ve just had my first Hand-in of work for my Masters so after doing a bit of work on some awaiting commissions I drew some Nathaniel for myself.
Words do not exist for how much I adore this character.
They seriously don’t!



Sorry gang.
I’ve had this twat charming young man has been infected in my brain again recently.
I’ve been working hard on his story; Born to Die
And working out the plot a bit more with it all as well.
I just felt like I should draw him seeing as I’ve been a little neglectful.
I’ve been on a bit of a self-serving fangirly tangent as of late.
More interested in my own original characters than those of others to fangirl over.
I always find this a bit strange as it feels a little bit like I love myself a bit much.
Also, I am totally honoured and over the moon that I am really high-up on the google search for “Warhammer 40K Fangirls”
Thanks guys! You make me feel so proud!
Maybe in the future I can just be a high-up Fangirl when it comes to the search.
Who knows.
One step at a time, hey!
I’ll do a proper update of something fun and interesting soon.


Born to Die

So while way this weekend, staying with my parents again. I thought I would be able to start on “Before the Dawn” my Sebastian Vael fanfiction.

However I had a bit of a slap in the face from Nathaniel. Who just stormed up to me and demanded that I do some work with him instead. It was a bit of a shock to the system to have him being so bold.
It shouldn’t have been, he’s never been meek, but damn that was a bit of a kick!

I might try doodling him a bit later on, as well as writing the next chapter to his story; which I started a while ago.

This fine picture of Nathaniel was drawn by dA’s Cut-Box and is one of the finer pictures of Nathaniel I have ever seen. The artist got him almost perfect, he just tends to look down his nose a little more like the condesending ass-hat he is!