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Tag: Primaris Marine

Commission – Primaris Silver Skull

This commission is somewhat special – it’s the first one that came through via my commissions page here on the blog/website. All my other commissions have come through via social […]

A little more serious

After yesterdays post I felt like I should update today sharing my more serious thoughts on how I am going to paint the new Primaris Marines from Shadowspear. I know […]

Searching for a new paint scheme

I’ve a copy of the Shadowspear boxed set on order – mostly because I wanted to paint up some more Primaris Space Marines, but don’t wish to have any more […]

A load more WIPs

Some more WIP images to share today.I have finished some of the ones from the previous WIP post aside from basing so I don’t feel too guilty for having started […]

The final few

I bit the bullet today and brought the last two pieces for my Battle Company. I know I said I wasn’t going too, but I thought, ‘You know what, it’d […]