Miokath Reconfigured

Miokath Reconfigured

I wanted to give Jenn an alternative coat that was much more ‘goth’ than her own pink and blue; but I like pink and blue!
I also wanted to ‘revamp’ Miokath again; who is the Cenobite version of Jenn.
So I figured why not roll both into one?

Miokath is the ‘persona’ that I have paired up with Pinhead – he stole a part of her soul when he went on a date with her and this is what he ended up creating from that part of her soul.
A play thing to twist to his own ends.

Scan 90
Because Miokath is based off Jenn, her reconfiguration is based on my own fears of blindness and losing the use of her hands.
I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out, especially seeing as it’s based on art from 2006!

Initial Sketch of Miokath from 2006

Drills head
*remember to update, remember to update, remember to update*

Jeez, one of these days it’ll go in!

So, on the whole Fangirly front, I might be back in action again? I don’t know.
I’ve been drawing a series of ‘First Date’ pictures with Jenn, my fursona. I’ve been active on dA again and seen that most of my friends on there have a canon x oc pairing. So they have characters in relationship with characters from various media/fandoms (Resident Evil, Casper, Mortal Kombat, Fallout, etc.) And, I am just playing in my own settings; which I love, but it’d also be fun to play away sometime too.

So, I hooked Jenn up with a couple of guys~


Some of the characters don’t translate well to my style of drawing. Like Captain Barnacles from Octonauts – who looks like he is closely related to Pedobear when I draw him.

I’ve also written some date report cards up for Jenns thoughts on her dates as well, which I’ll share in individual posts (and schedule them) in a little while.

I just wanted to share these with everyone, seeing as my last update was a while ago again. My bad.


I’ve not done a post about the topic of this blog for a while – so I thought to myself, why the heck not!?

As the title suggests, this one is a little weird.
I once has such vivid plans for Leviathans Lord!
Even came up with the greatest crossover idea ever; Hellraiser and Spawn which would have just rocked the world senseless!

As a part of my endeavours and as a part of the fangirling I took myself down to the London Film and Comic Convention; a haunt that I used to do on a semi-regular basis when I lived nearer to London (Being in Manchester now it’s a bit further away, but I bet Manc has some conventions too!?)

I met up with Mr. Pinhead himself (Doug Bradley) and managed to have my photograph taken with him!

(I swear, I can still die happy)
I’ve not actually wanted any of the Hellraiser films in some years now, it might be my plan for the evening after work seeing as I am on my own!
I remember a highlight of meeting Doug Bradley was the fact that I got to ask him about Lance Henriksen – another one of my old Fangirling icons! Who I have just reminded myself about on this nostalgia trip; expect another post about him sooner or later.
So… what is it about Pinhead?
It all boils down to one single word: Imagination.
What Pinhead did for me was spark an entire fascination for the depraved – not that I ever wanted to get myself hurt and be like him; I could just think up cruel stories of corruption, or characters so broken that Hellraiser was the only world they really fit into.
Not only that.
There is this whole entrancement that I have for people who’re completely dedicated to a single thing, usually religion. It’s just so maddeningly fascinating! I have the attention span of a gang, so it’s amazing! How people, fictional or real, can have this blinkered approach to a single thing.
When watching the Hellraiser movies, the Cenobites aren’t generally the focus of the entire film; in the first of the series I recall that Pinhead and his cronies really don’t have that much screen time. But every time I watch it is them that I am waiting for. So see into that depth of Hell, just that unwanted glimpse of utter horror.
It’s inexplicable, the desire to see the horrors; knowing they’re coming but equally knowing that it’s not going to be good for your soul!
Pinhead to this day still fascinates and disturbs me.
Well played Clive Barker, well played!
(Looking at my labels, I appear to have written about Pinhead before)


I will devour you.

There is no point in hiding, or trying to be coy about this. I once had the biiggest crush on Pinhead going. I actually still have it going somewhere in the darkest pits of my soul. To the point where I cannot listen to Disturbed and not mention the Cenobites. I swear, Disturbed are endorced by Leviathan.
Once upon a time, when I wasn’t afraid of the world or going to these places, I went to London Sci-Fi and Comic Convention and heard Pinhead giving a talk (Read as Doug Bradley) This was an absolute highlight of my life. He answered questions on the movie, said a few Pinhead quotes and even answered the inevitable “Will you read my fan-script?” question with grace.
After the talk he did a book signing; his book is actually pretty fascinatng about the history of stage and film make-up. Interesting, if you like that sort of thing. (Obviously, I do) I got to ask Doug about how he found working with Lance Henriksen; so to speak of Lance to Doug was pretty fun; but honestly I was mostly star-struck throughout.
The moment of my life, the reason I shall die happy soon followed. I got to have my photograph taken with Mr. Bradley; and had my hand on his ass.
A true moment of fangirly glory!
Oh Leviathan, your whore is not worthy!!