Ultramarine Pin-Up

A lot of my artwork is inspired by silly conversation over on Twitter. When discovering that there is someone out there who has as much need for Pin Up Space Marines as I do, I had to get back to work on that sort of thing! It also fits in with the whole, trying to... Continue Reading →

Lets Cyber – Kizmit

I'm wanting to do a series of Cybergoth inspired art with my characters. I held a poll over on DeviantArt and Kizmit was the winner of the first poll. So, here she is, in all her fun, cybergothy glory! I've put up a second poll on dA, so if you wanted to vote then head... Continue Reading →

Commission – Shennanigma

Some more completed commission work to share with you all today. Hurrah! This one for Shennanigma via DeviantArt. I was asked for a specific sort of pose and because I wasn't 100% certain on how to go about what was asked for I sent the above 3 pre-pose sketches for the client to choose from. Which... Continue Reading →

Commission – Kally

I have been very lucky in the ways of commissions lately and I hope it shows that I enjoy my work! This one is for KidoKoala of his character, Kally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4vh420q4SQ&t=1s I managed to get a video doing the lines for this one, which was also fun! I did do a bit of editing after the... Continue Reading →

Exorcist Pin-Up

Another suggestion that came from the land of twitter. I am still very surprised at the reception my Pin up Space Marines have had over there - I'm glad that it has been overwhelmingly positive though, it gives me encouragement to keep doing them; and I really enjoy doing them. They're different and they are... Continue Reading →

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