Revisiting a Champion


When I originally posted about this particular model, I really struggled to capture what I wanted. I had struggled with the Depth of Field aspect of capturing him.

So, when I got my new camera the other day, I was eager to give him another try!

I am humble when I say I think I did a much better job of him this time around – after investigating all the f-stops again – and putting into practise the elements that I’ve been trying to hammer into my brain over the past few weeks.

What do you thing?

Am I on “the right track”?




An upgrade

I’ve been finding myself rather limited by the fact that my Canon Eos 20D is Fourteen years old. The megapixelage of most smart phones beats the ass out of my poor, ancient DSLR. So today, I took the long walk to the local Camera shop and brought myself a long, overdue upgrade.

I wanted a decent, entry level DSLR and got myself a Nikon D3400. So far, it’s amazing! It does everything I would like it too (And to add int he cliche, and more) I was after a camera that I could manually control the settings of, with an upgrade to hardware and that is exactly what I got. I don’t know the ins and outs of details compared to my Canon Eos 20D, but so far, the Nikon is working like a charm!

I no longer feel like I need to hang my head in shame when walking about with a camera, which is a bonus!

I’ve only taken a few snaps at the moment to give it a quick try out.


And I am utterly impressed with the results! I can zoom in on a picture quite far and not be greeted with a mess of blur!

Needless to say, I am ultra excited to get the rest of the ‘kit’ out and try taking some snaps of some models. Even revisit some of the ones I don’t feel I have done justice to in the past. Like a certain Space Marine Sergeant!

Revisiting an old friend

Power Axe Sergeant

I took this photograph at Warhammer World way back in 2008, he belongs to my Husband and is a Tactical Space Marine Sergeant for the Templars of Righteousness – a Home Brew Chapter that my Husband works for.

For some reason I have had a lasting fondness for this particular model; to the point where there is a running joke that he is the ‘Primarch of my Army’ – I should ask my husband if he has a name!

So, when I couldn’t decide which model to photograph today, he came leaping to mind. I wanted to share the older photograph with you as well, just so I could compare how things have developed along my journey,


I don’t feel like I did the model justice with this shoot, actually. I didn’t have the ‘focus’ that seems to be key in both mind and camera.

I’d like to revisit this model again – I believe that every model has a ‘golden angle’ that makes it pop! And I am trying to find this guys as best as I can – because I have such a strong feeling for him and I don’t want to give up on him.

I’ve also a couple of other images from this shoot to share of him. Including one on a white background, which despite him being mostly a white model seems to suit him better.

Let me know what you think?


Chapter Master


This is my home-brew Space Marine chapters (Blood Guard) Chapter Master model.

And I cheated my hind legs off to get this photograph looking right! This is the overall feel I would like to achieve for my photographs, but I managed to get this looking right thanks to using Photoshop and merging two photographs together – I’d much prefer to be able to do all my tricks and fancy stuff in camera; but I don’t think my current kit is capable of doing it somehow.

This was taken by using my light-room and a spot-light behind my Canon Eos 20D. This set up lit up the whole photograph too much, but I liked how the light hit the model making some interesting contrasting shadows.

So it was a case of having to darken the background without making the model himself too dark – so exposure compensation wasn’t going to do the trick here. Duplicating the layer, setting the new layer to multiply and removing the character from the multiply layer was the only way that I could achieve the look I was going for.

Not ideal when it comes to wanting to be able to create these images in camera – but still something useful to remember for another session in case I don’t get the results I am after originally. Unsuccessful camera sessions do not have to be written off as a loss.

I’ve included the original image below – just to emphasise my point that the original picture didn’t work. There was also some cropping involved – which I am sure is a standard of photo-editing.


Space Wolves – Visin


I attempted to revisit one of my Husbands Space Wolf models today. I first took photographs of them and share them in one of my earlier posts and said how I didn’t think they’d worked very well because of the background/set-up I had.

So, when I got my light-room I thought I would give them another try. I just wanted to focus on one of the more standard models in the army.

I’m still not 100% happy with this image either. Compared to the previous it looks really flat; especially on his face – and that’s not the look I’ve got in mind as an end-goal. Yet for the purposes of showing off a model I guess it works?

I’d like to revisit this model sometime and try again, because I know deep down that I can do better than this and it’s actually highly frustrating to not be able to get the results I would like with him. He is a pretty simple model, sculpture wise and I am not quite sure where I am going wrong with him at the moment.

Childs toy


A lot of the time when I take images, I have my son with me. He is either playing with his toys in the living room or pressing the button on my camera remote. It makes it fun for everyone in the house and he really likes to ‘help’ with whatever I am doing. From photography to cooking dinner! So when I set up the light box I asked him what we should take photographs of today – thinking he would pick one of the models he’d painted or one of the ones he looks at in the cupboard.

Instead, he picked out one of his toys! So as a warm-up to get into the flow of working; that is exactly what we did!

I wanted to share something a bit different to miniatures as well, so his toys might crop up here every now and again – it keeps things fresh for readers, not everything has to be about little plastic toys of the Wargaming variety!

Scout Bike

I don’t share enough of my own models on here – mostly because I don’t really see them as being great subjects for photography; my painting skills certainly aren’t up to the same standards as my peers so I much prefer taking photographs of their models – but sometimes you just see a model and think ‘I’ll photograph this one today.’

Such was the case with my Scout Bike here


I’m still not 100% happy with the images I managed to get of him; but I certainly feel like I am heading in the right direction – I tried on a white background as well, just to see.