I've fallen off the hobby wagon a bit as of late; this being the only unit that I've been able to finish in the past week or so. These models are a lot daintier than my usual assortment of Space Marines, Bloodletters and Juggernaughts so they were rather challenging in their own right for that... Continue Reading →

InfraRed – Part 2

This is a quick follow-up post to this blog entry I spent a nice week away from the internet recently, which staying with my parents in Sutton on Sea; to ensure that I wasn't bored without the internet I took both my cameras with me - the Infrared Canon Powershot A630 and my Nikon D3400.... Continue Reading →


Recently, Mal Holmes, gave a presentation at Bury Photography Society about Infrared photography and I was somewhat captivated by the notion of it. I have recently found myself missing the technical side of photography - printing & processing film mostly - and because Infrared photography seemed so technical I thought that it was fascinating. 680nm... Continue Reading →

Bombin’ it!

I've been trying my hand at competitions at the local Photographic Society, these are members-only contests that are divided up into three sections. Club Class, Advanced Monochrome and Advanced Colour. They happen every other month in DPI and Print format. My first venture was very encouraging - it was the print round and I submitted... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Local

While out and about last week I managed to get a couple of shots that I deemed worth sharing on here. They’re simple textures or colour works that caught my eye while doing the usual rounds of dog walking – it’s my intention to start taking a camera with my wherever I go, even if... Continue Reading →

How to introduce yourself

I have always been a cautious, over-thinker. Fearful of what I might end up doing or how things might turn out if I completely commit to them. What changes will my dedication bring out in myself and what will I have to sacrifice and “miss-out” on while I am blindly following my latest ‘calling’ without... Continue Reading →

Ancient Tactical Marine

Maybe the term ancient is a little far fetch, but he is certainly an oldie! He and the rest of his squad had been thrown into the bits box way back when I first started my Space Marine Chapter - my husband must have thrown them in at some point - and I recently picked... Continue Reading →

Black Hand Marines

I found some images that I'd forgotten that I had taken last night when working on a simple graphic for BlackHandMarines.com and I thought I would share a few of them with you. As far as I remember they were all painted by Blackhandmarines.com. I think the reason I forgot about them was because at the... Continue Reading →


We recently went on a walk around Watergrove reservoir and I took a few images while I was there. The vast majority of them were simple texture images for use in my illustrations - which was the aim when we went and what I was looking for - but there were a couple of images... Continue Reading →

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