Photovember #13



Heaton Park

I managed to get out with the camera today, after much deliberating over if I should or not. We managed to get to Heaton Park.

Honestly, it took me a bit to et back into the swing of it all – remembering all the functions of the camera and how it all worked, but I think I got the hang of it all in the end! It feels like it had been so long (which I think it had in all honestly, aside from taking a few dodgy photographs of Warhammer models)

Being even more honest, I found it all somewhat stressful in a way and I don’t know if I felt like I enjoyed the experience overall. Barley (See pictured dog above) was in a funny mood with other dogs today and I found that the focal range of my lenses wouldn’t allow me to get in close enough to some of the smaller birds that I wanted to photograph. On top of this there was a charity run on which made Heaton Park even busier than usual. Maybe I should try and find somewhere a bit more peaceful next time I go out with the camera, but that can be difficult in itself due to having Marcus’ pram with us.

I think, as with everything, I just need to get back into the swing of it all and keep at it. See how it goes and where the adventures take me.

Although, I do think it might be worth trying to go somewhere without an agitated dog! Even though I would feel guilty about going on a family walk without him.

Roll Call: Aavra Tyreal; Blood Guard Company Captain

It’s been a while since I posted anything photographic and hobby related here, so I thought I would share this little guy with you all today.
He is the Blood Guards Company Captain, dual wielding Power Fists – because that’s just fun-times ahead right!?
He has a name!
Aavra Tyreal
I don’t actually have any notes on him other than he is the Company Captain and uses the Fists, so I’ll make something up about him on the fly!
“Aavra doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the Tactical Twins; Rafen and Agrahim and often their discussions lead to heated ‘debates.’ He has the ear of the Chapter Master Logan Kemplar, and throughout the founding rift he finds the Chapter Masters fall from grace difficult to cope with.”
And there we have it, a personality and a reason written for a small model in less than five minutes.
It may seem a little odd, but I give all of my key characters in the Blood Guard a little personality of their own; mostly sergeants and the likes. Giving all the models something about them would be a bit too much. Not every tactical marine needs mourning!
I will see about doing these little things for all the note-worthy Marines I have – with silly little profile pictures taken from my iPhone. It’s good to keep the imagination going; even with fangirly things.