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Recently, Mal Holmes, gave a presentation at Bury Photography Society about Infrared photography and I was somewhat captivated by the notion of it. I have recently found myself missing the technical side of photography – printing & processing film mostly – and because Infrared photography seemed so technical I thought

Bombin’ it!

I’ve been trying my hand at competitions at the local Photographic Society, these are members-only contests that are divided up into three sections. Club Class, Advanced Monochrome and Advanced Colour. They happen every other month in DPI and Print format. My first venture was very encouraging – it was the


I’m slowly trying to introduce photography back in my life in one way or another – I am finding the juggling between being  an Illustrator/Artist, Mummy and Photographer a bit tricky; finding places to go where I can take the camera and my son is a challenge in itself, so

Bike Space Marine

I was a little undecided on what to photograph today, so grabbed the nearest model. One of my many unfinished Space Marine bikers! Because they are currently unfinished, I thought I would spare everyone the grey of unsprayed and unpainted plastic and shoot in black and white – this also

Photovember #13

Photovember #12

So, why has this rather fuzzy photograph made the ‘Photo of the day’? Well, for a couple of reasons. I know the writing isn’t in English, but you might notice the name ‘Grahama Mastertona’ on the pen. Which, I am assuming, is Graham Masterton in polish? I was sent an

Photovember #9

Photovember #8

Photovember #7

Photovember #6

I love this time of year, where life is getting ready to hibernate for the winter – it’s fun kicking through leaves and pretending life is still care free.

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