Lucas Agrahim 2

As mentioned previously, I am trying to change my content direction a bit and do more with the Warhammer hobby; be it photography, drawings, games or painting (Or anything else I can think of.)

I did a bit of sketching yesterday – I’d like to make Space Marines a part of my daily drawing practise as it’s the only way I’ll improve my craft with them – and these are the two I came up with.

Lucas Agrahim

They are both of the same character, Lucas Agrahim, a tactical sergeant from my Blood Guard chapter and twin of Rafen (Who needs a new first name as he currently shares the same name as my son which feels a bit weird now)

When I get some Bios up on here, there will be more about them both there~


Nihilius Sketch


In the hope to keep things going on here – after leaving them to go stale for a while – I thought I would share this sketch with everyone.

It is my Dark Heresy character, Nihilius, who I originally drew back in 2013 so this is something of a redraw too. Or will be when I get around too finishing it.

I might line it digitally, print it out and try some traditional colours – I am really not confident with my traditional inking stuff at the moment cause it has been an age! But it’s be awesome to be able to colour some of my own artwork with my coloured pencils again!


Anyway, Nihilius’ outfit design was inspired by the Boer War and the film Zulu. I wanted something a bit different – he is a Telepath Psyker and mind reads/rapes people and I wanted a look for him that didn’t go with his very ‘Grim dark’ setting/nature.


Evening Sketches

I wanted to share my evening sketches work. I did these a few nights ago now (and probably will have some finished and scheduled to post by the time this goes out!)

They are mostly my own characters, A few I Zombies, a couple of Zsa Zsas and a Shiraz and a little bust of Betty who belongs to Horrorlandcop74

It was really fun and refreshing to be able to do some drawings for myself as if binged on doing the art trades more recently.

I hope you enjoy this little showcase and I hope to have more to share with you soon.


Yo ho, me hearties, yo ho!

I rarely feel like it’s worth posting more than once in a day, let alone within an hour of the previous post. But fans! I am excited!
I admit, I have felt a little lost lately when it comes to drawing. I tried a couple of things to help me find my feet again.

But, my goodness I am currently sat on my little sofa right now feeling giddy as the high heavens damned near giggling to myself because I feel so happy.

I was looking through the storage of my DeviantArt account and amongst the scribble doodles and abstract stuff there was a heap of old Star Trek doodles.

I’d somehow forgotten that I used to draw in a style that gave characters big heads and stompy feet.

So, I decided to give the style a try again, but with a different character – one that I am somewhat half-heartedly fangirling over right now. Jack Rackham from the Amazon series Black Sails.

It’ll take me a bit of getting used to this style again, but I actually feel like it’s something that I ‘own.’ I’ve not been inspired by and taken elements of my favourite artists in this one. It’s just something that I stumbled upon during my Masters. I think it’s maybe that connection that made me feel a bit bitter about the style and so I cast it aside, but you know what? I actually really like it and still enjoy it.

I’m going to try and keep this style going for a while, see who else I can sketch up and who/what else works for it.

I just wanted to share my excitement while I am feeling it.