A few new endeavours to share

As the title says, I have a couple of new artistic adventures to share. Seeing as I am picking things up again after a break I have been able to have a bit of a rethink about how I approach things. So, the first thing I am sharing is a print-on-demand, RedBubble store. This will... Continue Reading →


Unlike how the title suggests, I know this image isn't all that wonderful, but I just wanted to show you that I have some material to work on. All thanks to my wonderful supporters over on Patreon - I wouldn't have been able to save for these without you, so thank you ever so much... Continue Reading →

Hi everyone

I guess my New Years Resolution of 'Update the blog more' didn't get off to the flying start that I was hoping it would. However, I do have a new art room/personal space on the top floor of the house which will certainly be a good space to help with my goals. My other goals... Continue Reading →

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