Are you a ghost, or are you alive?

Kiz Ghost

A Kiz Ghost appears, like something out of your deepest fears!!

Kiz, for the Casper fandom.
It’s not really something I had overly considered before, but because I like playing and drawing with/for my friends, I figured why not. I’d been meaning to do this for a while, mostly because of horrorlandcop74 and her OC, Betty.

How Kiz died: I like the idea of Kiz being a horribly bitter ghost and having suffered an extremely violent death. Namely at the hands of Rhodesl her one time human lover. He’s most likely have finally snapped at Kiz’s attitude towards him (They don’t exactly have a conventional relationship) and he’d have strangled her to death; which is why Kiz wears her collar to hide her shame over the fact that Rhodes was actually the one to kill her.

I don’t quite know how it would happen (I’ve not watched Casper since I saw it in the cinema!) but Kiz would somehow find Dr Harvey and the rest of the Casper cast and somehow find a way to fit in.
I don’t intend to ship her with any of the Ghostly Trio, because none of them really… interest me in that sort of way and I think Kiz would have a lot of difficulty coming to terms with the fact she is dead! But Dr. Harvey himself? Could that be an option? Like I said, I’m not really clued into the whole Casper fandom, but I wanted a ghost Kiz to play about with my friends ghost OC’s

Fallout OC

I’ve been working on making a character that fits into the Fallout Universe lately. For a couple of reasons. I’ve been playing through Fallout 4 with my husband recently.

We originally picked the game up around it’s release date, but something then didn’t click with us. I’m not sure what exactly, but I don’t think we found the construction aspect to the game right for us back then. But I think we we’re playing Minecraft at the time and wanted to make things pretty; which Fallout really isn’t.

Since we’ve not been playing Minecraft and we know what to expect this time around we have been a lot less picky with the construction side of things.

During the course of playing and seeing a couple of online friends own Fallout OC’s for the past few years, I decided to take the plunge and make one for myself to enjoy.



When making an OC for a game in which you can create your the main character to your liking, I think people tend to use the main character as their OC. I didn’t want to do this, because they already have a set back story. So. I created Simon. A narcotic/Jet addicted saxophone player (with no sax) so he’s had to turn to the wastelands to feed his habit, as I think this idea out of the ones I had, has the most scope for long term character development.
So, yeah.
Have a Simon~
I’ll get a full body picture of him done soon.
For his outfit, I am thinking hipster style, waistcoat, rolled up shirt sleeves, converse style shoes and jeans. Purely because it has no practical use in the commonwealth and I think Simon would have sold everything useful already – like his Saxophone, which I imagine a part of him is really trying to get back or something? I don’t know yet.

It’s just nice to have a character I’d like to develop and play with some more.

A new voice

I’ve had a new voice lately. It has been wonderful!

I’ve not felt this energised and inspired since Nathaniel Greyson came my way, I can’t really put into words how good it has felt to have something to put all my creative energy into again.

I have been expanding his story using the ‘Snowflake‘ method and so far in the development and creation of the characters and his world. I know every writer has their own techniques for these things. Some just do the bare minimum of planning and ‘wing-it.’ I have thought about doing this myself but always worry about writing myself into incontinuities or something equally as daft. Yet I’ve struggled with the whole process of getting everything hammered out without guidance. So this method has really helped iron things out.
I am currently on the 9th stage of the process and laying out what is happening in each chapter. I’m really hoping to be able to write and finish this story as I’ve not completed anything in a long, long time it seems.

Generally speaking I am more of a visual artist. And my style doesn’t always reflect my interests.

I’ve drawn the main character of this particular nameless story a couple of times already

Design Gideon Ecbal Gideon2 GIdeonBust

I am rather fond of the bottom couple, mostly for pervy reasons!

His name is Gideon Ecbal. He is the Captain of the Guard/City Watch for the town of Westpool. (Until he is removed from the post by another via the framing of various crimes. Basically fooled by the oldest tricks in the book. Framed for the murder of the Lord of Westpools son (And his best friend) made to look exceptionally guilty due to being broken from prison by the remaining loyal guards under his name.

I wrote that little synopsis on the first day I created him, but I’ve a lot more written now. I am uncertain on where to publish his story, or even if I should. Maybe something on fictionpress? Depends how I feel about it all really when I’ve started writing.
I might even stick it on my dA seeing as that is where the artwork is hosted.

I’ve already asked a few other artists to draw him up as well, so hopefully I will have some better artwork to share with you all soon… when I say better I mean, more fitting for the style I suppose? Most of my stuff looks more cute than I intend~

Until next time