Backing off

Thank you for those who’ve noticed I’ve reduced the amount of sites I use again.

I’ve deleted various accounts I’ve been attempting to maintain over the internet again – mostly for my own sanity.

I’ve been having a bit of a struggle keeping up with everything and trying has just become a bit overwhelming as of late, so it has made me stop and have a good think about what I want out of this here internet.

I figure, for me everything is about art and drawing/sharing what I make and create.

I have the biggest following for that on DeviantArt – which is where the vast majority of it shall happily remain. dA has been my ‘home’ on the internet for nearly 15 years, so why should I change that because “The only place I have to keep in touch with certain people is another website that I don’t enjoy using?” I have had enough of running about after people online that really don’t seem to care.

As such, I have updated my lists page of where I am currently active/online. Anywhere else, is an imitation!

I am still debating about keeping twitter or not.



The hardest part of being a complete LYLO (Live your life Online) is the fact that you become close to people, and then like the wind they change and they’re gone.

I have met several people online, well, hundreds more like. Most of the people I know I have known for years. Some I have lost touch with and been reunited later down the road. Some have just vanished off the face of the Earth. It’s not all that reassuring knowing that one day you’ll wake up and another person you knew you’ll never see again.

Yet, is that so different from real life?
In my own humble experiences and those of others close to me. Not really.

I shall be back to fangirling next update.