Noise Marine

I've not shared anything art related for a little while - my ideas for artistic adventures are currently being mulled over - but I realised I'd not shared this on here yet. I've had my fair share of struggles when it comes to drawing Space Marines and seeing as this guy was a present for... Continue Reading →

Space Marine Art Progress

I am trying to do an amazing picture of Noise Marine still and progress hasn't been all that strong. I still feel like I am not getting the fundamental shape of Space Marines right just yet so I might have to have another hunt for a basic model and have another try. This was my latest... Continue Reading →

Noise Marine

There are mistakes with this one, but isn't that the entire point of practising - so that you get better and improve on previous pictures? Chaos isn't my usual flavour, but who could say no to such a wonderful Noise Marine? He is clearly based on the newly re-announced miniature from Game Workshop that'll be... Continue Reading →

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