My restless soul is longing

Another picture in the Gorean Silk series that I'm working my way through. While uploading this I had a bit of a thought, while I adore the silks, I wonder if I should draw my characters in Fantasy/Dungeons and Dragons style outfits? Really try and change the direction of my anthropomorphic artwork. Mature a bit... Continue Reading →

Collaboration – ZoelNoOne – No Glow

This is of my collaborative efforts with ZoelNoOne. Though, to give credit where it is due, they did most of the work on it! It was a fair while ago, I showed them a sketch of No Glow via Discord and they loved it and expressed a desire to collaborate together and finish it off.... Continue Reading →

No Glow – KasugaBee

A part of this blog idea was to 'show off' the commissions that I have had or get done of my personal characters. I don't get many done these days but sometimes I see a YCH pose or image that I think would be perfect for one of my characters. As was the case with... Continue Reading →

Here come the girls

For those that don't know yet, I am pretty much obsessed with Gorean style slave silks. I love the way they look so much. I also find the books and culture behind them pretty interesting; while rather dated in writing style their impact on BDSM subculture can't be denied. But yes, the aesthetic of silks... Continue Reading →

Outfits – No Glow

Because my scanner is all packed away due to moving house, I decided to tackle the mammoth task of getting my main characters their outfit references done. I thought I would share No Glows on here first. I really enjoy the influences behind this character - that being Gorean Slave silks, Bellydance outfits and Harem... Continue Reading →

Slavegirl of Gor

A recent picture of my character No Glow - I think it's fairly common knowledge how I got hold of this lovely lady now. I have always seen her in the aesthetic of the Slave girls of the Gorean fantasy series - and I am glad that I finally managed to draw her up in... Continue Reading →

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