Commission: Night Lord

Commission for an Email Client It's all the niggly-little details that I enjoy putting on everyone individual bust the most. As previously mentioned they're all fundamentally the same thing; someones likeness in Power Armour (Different Marks, of course) in various chapters. It's a fun challenge to get the person looking like the picture they send... Continue Reading →

Commission – Night Lord… erm Lady?

A commission for Heretic_Deb of one of her Roleplay Characters. I really appreciated this commission as a break from the norm. I know there is a rather big debate when it comes to female Space Marines. If they should be a 'thing' or not. But, when someone pays for a commission, I get that debate... Continue Reading →

Commissions – Night Lord/Thousand Sons

Another couple of commissions for an email client. Another couple of Chapters I can cross of my list! It's great getting commissions for different Chapters/Legions - I do love doing them all - but always nice to have a change. I hope you like seeing them as much as I did creating them.

Konrad Curze

It's been a while since I did any Warhammer fan art, and this one has been in the works for a while now. I find Warhammer art very challenging compared to the regular artwork that I do. So it's always wonderful when I get one of the Primarchs series finished; even though the series has... Continue Reading →

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