Pattern Book

I've been working on a 'pattern book' recently, just a few images repeating different ideas and concepts of the same thing. As a way to break out of the repetition - which I can feel being an issue with my art - a bit and expand on my already existing list of skills. My son... Continue Reading →

How to introduce yourself

I have always been a cautious, over-thinker. Fearful of what I might end up doing or how things might turn out if I completely commit to them. What changes will my dedication bring out in myself and what will I have to sacrifice and “miss-out” on while I am blindly following my latest ‘calling’ without... Continue Reading →


We recently went on a walk around Watergrove reservoir and I took a few images while I was there. The vast majority of them were simple texture images for use in my illustrations - which was the aim when we went and what I was looking for - but there were a couple of images... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 280717

Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post. I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 270717

Good morning everyone, I'm really pleased with these artistic offerings! They are the continuation of my previous post. As I mentioned in that post, finding a way for Watercolours to work for me hasn't been easy - I think this is mostly because my experiences with Watercolours have been painting landscapes and trying to get... Continue Reading →

Nature Abstract – 250717

I managed to get a this piece of artwork signed off today - as in, my signature has been put on it so there is no more work to go into it. In the beginning I was all excited about being able to collage found objects and be able to get something natural into my... Continue Reading →

Inspired by nature

For the past couple of days I have been wondering how I could get a touch of nature into my artwork. I am generally an indoors person in the fact that I adore technology and the wonderful things that it can offer; as such I always feel guilty that I am not out discovering 'the... Continue Reading →

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