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Just some art things

I’ve not shared much of my personal art in a while – I fell of the wagon with it for a while due to time constraints and not being in the right place mentally – but I think I am getting back on board with things and thought I’d share

Merry Collaboration

Seems that with my current thoughts and feelings towards artwork, I forgot to share this collaboration that Qwaychou, Zoel, Mystrial and I did together at the end of last year. I know it’s a bit late and the festive season is well behind us, but I thought I’d share this

Collaboration: Doing it four ways!

I feel like things have been a little slow on the ground here lately – a mixture of half term and various family members feeling under the weather have been keeping the real hard work at bay – this picture is a collaboration between myself and three other people. Qwaychou

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