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Another one crossed off the Lizardmen to-do list – it’s always satisfying to get a larger model finished. I’ve had the base lizard of this done for a good few years but was always a bit intimidated by the Solar Engine on the back – it was a needless intimidation

Lizardmen: Skink Wizard

Work has been going on with the Lizardmen. My previous post about them really inspired me to keep pushing on with them – as there’s so little left of them to do. This one was relatively quick to finish off as most of the base colours had been put down

Awesome August: Azazels Community Challenge

Taking motivation from both posts by Azazels bitz box and conversations with Eloths Endeavours I decided to take part in one of Azazels community challenges; this time trying to get the model done and finished on time! The biggest challenge with this model was having to start the majority of

A rare hobby update!

Since cranking out the commissions it feels like I’ve not actually updated with anything hobby related in a while. I’ve picked up my Lizardmen Army again lately, this was mostly due to Azazel’s Bitz Box Neglected Model challenge from June earlier this year and typical slow-coach that I am, I’m

Lizard on Lizard

Since taking a bit of a step back with the blog I’ve not really had that much time to paint – I admit this is mostly my own fault with my focus primarily being elsewhere – and last night when I did pick up some paints I wasn’t even sure

Fantasy Battle

I had my… secondish, ¬†ever game of Fantasy Battle last night. I say isn’t, because I don’t actually know how many I’ve really played, they have been so few and far between. It is an odd game, a lot longer and certainly more winded than my usual haunt of 40K.

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