Kiz ‘The Walking Dead’ Sinistral – Bio

Daryl Kiz

Name: Kiz Sinistral
Pronunciation: Obvious
Nickname(s): Boom Bitch
Public Nickname(s): None
Race: Human
Affiliations: Herself, Rick and his group.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful leanings
Face Claim: Victoria Beckham
Voice: Non descriptive
Singing Voice: Out of tune
Occupation: Special Tactics Operative – Explosive
Age: 27
Apparent Age: Accurate
Date of Birth: March 15th
Sex: Female
Gender Pronouns: Her/She
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romantics: Heteroromantic
Marital Status: Single, but pursuing Daryl Dixon
Body Type: Slender, curvy. She is physically fit but not muscled
Height: 5’2”
Hair: Cut into a bob just above shoulder length at the front, but shorter at the back. The tips of the front are blond from when she had once dyed her hair but it has half grown out.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Scars: Surprisingly, none.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Jewellery: None. She once wore a set of dog-tags with pride, but they were taken from her during her incarceration.
Clothes (Casual): New outfit pending.
Handedness: Left – the hint is in her surname
Personality: She cold most of the time. She can come across as perpetually angry; but not violent with it. Cynical. She has little time for the overly regimented and cannot stand anyone that reminds her of her former military life. Easily jealous.
Likes: Blowing off Zombies heads,Finding cans of non-rotten food, showers, things that go boom. Tea. Finding rare objects while scavenging.
Dislikes: Zombies, Military, Rotten food, scientists, idiots.
Abilities (Physical): She is adept with a gun and anything that can go boom. She is physically fit and has worked hard to keep herself in good physical condition. She is a perfected wind-up merchant!
Abilities (Magical): N/A
Weapons: Any sort of firearm.
Armor: None

Strength -6
Dexterity – 8
Armor – 1
Intellect – 7
Wisdom – 4
Charisma – 8

I didn’t actually do much with this ‘AU’ version of Kiz, it was a lot of fun while it lasted though!



I am having a bit of a proud moment over here. If you do an image search for “Captain Rhodes” you find a picture of my Original Character Kiz and Rhodes (Day of the Dead) before you find anything of Warmachine. I don’t know why, but this makes me feel rather happy!

Rhodes has been a part of my life for the longest ever time now, and he’s always haunted a part of Kiz’ life, regardless of whomever she is with. He’s there, lurking in the background; alive or dead. He is that much of a jerk to her.
What I like about the two of them is that they don’t have a conventional relationship. While I could draw them all lovey-dovey. (It’s not impossible) I just don’t see it as them. Not really. There is too much of a power struggle and abuse in their relationship and Rhodes just refuses to ask nicely for anything; we can see this with Sarah in Day of the Dead, never once does he ever use her name, always calls her ‘woman’ or ‘lady’ and I never once thought that he would ever treat Kiz any differently. Kiz just doesn’t have endless strength to keep denying him – it’s the epitome of a love/hate relationship.

I don’t know, I guess that I have had the two of them in my head for so long that it feels really strange to watch Day of the Dead and Kiz isn’t in it!

The picture in question


Prompt – Survival

Another prompt title from The Daily Post

Lately, I have been doing a bit more engaging with the Resident Evil fandom over on DeviantArt. This is mostly due to a couple of friends on the website opening up a Resident Evil Original Characters Jam – A collection of people drawing, writing and generally being creative with and for others in the Jam.

It started a bit before I gave birth and as such I wasn’t really in the mood to contribute; mostly due to feeling like a beached whale. Since settling into Motherhood and knowing what sort of time I do have available to me after various daily tasks I am happy to say I still have time to get some drawing done. As such, I can give back to my fellow zombie outbreak survivors in the form of a few headshots of characters involved with the Jam.

(Burke, ORLY, Blanky, Kiz, Kilgore and Shakahnna – For various people over on dA)

Its just been damned nice to be able to find my stride with drawing for others and (selfishly) myself again. I was worried about not having the time or the inclination to do any drawing once my child was here, and I am over the moon that I am able to get a few artsy things done. Especially for those friends that I rather neglected in the weeks before and after giving birth.
Actually, I am rather honoured to have some of these people as friends, as they’ve always been the understanding sort. Whenever I have needed a break from the internet they’ve been encouraging and supportive of that fact – which is great to know. It means they’ve always been there waiting with open arms when I’ve returned.
It’s an absolute pleasure to know people like that. Relaxed enough to understand that life happens beyond this here internet, but close enough to be friendly.

It’s people like that, that make life that little bit more survivable.

Seeing as I have more time, I shall try and update the blog more often. I have a couple of things I would like to say already.


Hi gang

It feels like it’s been a long time again. Which is silly because a lot has been going on in my fangirly world as of late.

I have been rekindled with my passion for Kiz and Rhodes which feels wonderful as it has been a long time since I did anything with them. It has helped this time around as I have had a lot of support from outside sources. I’ve had people drawing them up for me which is something that I really, really enjoy. With any of my characters not just them I hasten to add.

So these past few weeks have been a wonderful treat when it comes to Kiz and Rhodes. And I would like to share that with you~

commission___kiz_by_techonic-d8vl7qqBy Techonic


By Msdeath666


By The-Cerzz


Various amazing pieces by Shakahnna


And these by Horrorlandcop74

I have said it many times in the past, it’s always really nice to be supported when you do something, and for me Kiz and Rhodes is no exception. Especially seeing as their relationship is less than conventional. I’ve also rekindles my friendship with Shakahnna lately, which has been wonderful. I mean, we’ve always been there together, but lately things have been a bit more involved. I’ve drawn for her more and visa-versa which has been really nice.

On top of that I met Horrorlandcop74, and you know something. These two have really helped me overcome the concerns I have been having with online friendships. Maybe not everyone on the net is all that bad after all?

In other news, it seems the US has finally approves same sex marriages regardless of state. Well done America!

I have more to report on the fangirlings, but don’t want to overload my post, so until next time~



Another quick image to go with the one I posted on Thursday
I managed to get Chapter 5 of Tears and Rain written tonight.
I am not sure about how well the chapter reads… writing fight scenes isn’t easy.
Still, you can click on the link on the sidebar should you wish to read it.
(Contrary to popular belief, I am not Kiz)

*smacks self* I forgot I was going to be uploading more sketches and art stuff here. So, since I got a bad review, it sent meon a Rambo high! Thanks. I needed that kick up the ass to get stuff done!! I drew this last night while talking to Nicki; as I tend to be when fangirling. I might write some more this evening, it’s been ages. Tears and Rain needs an update. 😮


Tears and Rain

I think it might be the end of an era. I real conclusion.
The more I think about the direction I am heading in with Death without End, the more I believe it is that little bit too far.
I’ve dipped into other fandoms before, and while I adore the places I have been with Death without End, I’m just not certain that it is right.
This doesn’t mean that I am about to quit with the track that I am currently on.
I adore the fact that I was recently (A few months ago) married to Rambo.
Details here:
Rambo & Kiz taking on the Zombie apocalypse… as fun as it is to write (I may continue with it anyway) it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like it should be more AU rather than canon.

So what’ll happen with Rhodes?
I’ve honestly adored the time that has been spent being tormented by him. I honestly have.
He has been a stable, some sort of comfort in the years gone by. (In a very strange way)
Lately, he’s not been so demanding of me. Even though I can feel his eyes on me right now, burning with their usual intense hatred. I don’t fear it.
It’s a hard thing to admit to someone that you don’t need them any more and that you have found your true purpose; that one that you need to be there for.

I feel now; that my life and time with Rhodes has finally come to an end.

My Death without End has finally come to a close.

What lies ahead?

Nought but Tears and Rain.