Commission: Necromunda Gang

A group bust picture of several Necromunda Gangs all together. A handful of Eschers, A Goliath and an Orlock. What could possibly go wrong!? These are commissions for Cliffe_G, Blood_Medusa, Wilson Man, Wulfhildr and Bradalads If you're interested in a bust like this please visit my commissions page.Alternatively, you can support me on Patreon~

Commission: Blood Medusa – 2

Another commission, this one for Blood Medusa - also via Twitter! I have drawn Blood Medusa before as a Daemonette. It was a pleasure getting to draw her again as a Khorne Daemon, this time. I took inspiration from Valkia the Bloody for the armour and the likes and drew upon the trusty old Ibex... Continue Reading →

Commission Dump

I thought I'd upload these on one larger post, rather than have them all individually - got to save some space for other things. When I said commissions were back on the menu, I meant it! These are all done for various clients on Twitter during the past few days or so. I'll have a... Continue Reading →


Lord Commander Eloth and I have been playing Mordheim a lot lately - again - and I thought, while waiting for commissioners to get back in touch, I'd take a break from doing commission busts to drawing... fan art busts instead. So I drew Aster, from our Chaos Warband, the Chantry of Blood. He is... Continue Reading →

Commission: Word Bearer Art

Commission for Art Steventon on Twitter. A little back to the traditional sort of bust I am commissioned for - a wargamer as a Space Marine. Or, in this case a Chaos Space Marine of the Word Bearer variety. -- If you're interested in commissioning me then please visit my commission page for more details.Alternative,... Continue Reading →

You cannot afford this girl

I only have a few sketches remaining from my WIP 'stash' and once these ones are done I think I'll take a small break from the anthropomorphic work as it's been taking over a bit the past few days/weeks. I like to try and keep things in balance and at the moment they're a little... Continue Reading →

Catt Headshots

Much like the headshots of Bandi and Honey Pie, these were created by two different artists. This time, Catt and I finished off these pictures. I have one or two more of these pictures up my sleeve, involving my character Hope and then I'll call these quits so I don't burn out on them. They... Continue Reading →

with all the money in the world…

...You could never buy this girl --- This is the first of (hopefully) many of Kizmit in this sort of theme.I've become attached to the idea that she is coming to terms with her desired relationship isn't any good for her - she was once keen on a Total Power Exchange relationship and searched everywhere... Continue Reading →

Bandit – Side by Side

In a similar style to my previous post, here are the finished results of Bandi another character belonging to ZoelNoOne I am pretty sure we'll be doing more of these in the future. I do have a bust of Hope and Kizmit sketched already so maybe I can throw those ZoelNoOnes way too!

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