Under pressure

My blog did phenomenally (for me) last week and got nearly 200 views. I am thinking it is partially because I was blogging about the Blogging University and Blogging Branding; of which to give a quick update on – I have implemented all the changes it has recommended; putting back my archives, visiting and commenting on other peoples blogs which are relevant to my own, etc. So I guess something there is working already. I just need to keep it going and it’ll hopefully be onwards and upwards!

I must admit, I am now feeling the pressure to continue this growth and I feel a little ‘lost’ without the Blogging Branding crutch. How did everyone else who has taken it manage after the course had finished?

Ultimately, the Blogging University course has given me renewed strength, determination and direction when it comes to the blog, so I am grateful for that. I shall try my best to update with something here every day (Unless on Holiday) and just keep things going for as long as I can.

If you ‘serious’ about blogging though – as in you want to get your content seen by more people – then I really do recommend the blogging courses by The Blogging University cause it’s got some really handy hints and tips to help out.


Skaejre ref & notes

I’ve been loosely toying with the idea of dragging up ‘Sea of Souls‘ from the depths again.

I’ve always wanted to play with characters from a rich world, who are all connected together in some larger story somehow – I’d originally been thinking of changing my furry characters into ‘humans’ in an alternative universe, but the idea didn’t pan out too well so I abandoned it.

I’ve brought up ‘Sea of Souls’ a couple of times on this blog, but somehow it’s always slipped by me. I’ve never really known how to take on such a big project and become overwhelmed by it and the ideas I have had for it! I feel like I want to take on this project once again, but at the same time I feel hesitant.

I know there are some concepts in this project – mostly Skaejre (pictured above) and her profession. She is a Soul Forager which is pretty much a Death Shaman/Druid.

“A hunter of the dying. It is her role – along with her kinsmen – to find the Souls of those on the brink of death and take the remnants of their life and add it to their own. Or to spare them; depending on their whim.”

I just think this concept might be a bone of contention.

Yet, why should I care? I came up with the idea back in 2007/08 sometime! I know I can’t let the potential actions of others stop me doing something I would like to do; and yet, it’s harder to let go of that thought more than I’d like to say.

All I really want, is to work on something that I could leave as some sort of ‘legacy’ for my son. Something that we can both be proud of some-day. Ha. Saying that makes me feel really, lame, I guess? But, I am determined to be able to say ‘I did that,’ to him one day and it be something I can be proud of.

Uploading a simple reference picture here is a start, while I figure out the next steps to take in this, where to host the project and all that complicated thought process stuff that goes on in the background.

I want to talk to you about Roleplay.

Roleplaying is something that I have done for over half of my life. Once upon a time it actually meant more to me than my real life did. It was the wonderfully, perfect escape that I needed at that point in my life. I could be the most handsome man ever and be the best prince that I could ever be for my wonderful princess!


It was wonderful. More importantly, it was good fun. It helped me to feel connected to people that I cared deeply for that I could never be with. Mostly, it was just that escape that I needed. It got me away from a boring day job, out of a relationship that I had no real passion for and away from the dull monotony of everyday. I needed it then.

I don’t need it now.

Now, try as I might I just can’t seem to find my spark for it anymore.

I’ve tried several times to rekindle my passion for writing with other people and sharing storylines, but it’s just not happening. It’s not even the fact that I get so bored with it after just a few sessions. Now, I can’t even be arsed to do those few sessions because I know that the fire isn’t inside me anymore.

I would rather attempt to spend my time rekindling other passions – getting back into my personal writing or drawing or even 3D rendering.
But there is more to it than just my lack of passion. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need to escape from a job I dislike, because I am working on my own business now and I really enjoy it. My life doesn’t suck so bad that I need a departure from it into somewhere else; anytime I need to escape I would rather read a book. I’m not in a relationship that I feel trapped in. Everyday I do something for myself in other ways, be it drawing something, playing a game (Or more recently walking the dog and playing with him)

I guess this is a journal to say that really, I am and have moved on from the pretending to be someone else.
It’s time to be myself for once.
Do things for myself.

7zXHofEtransBecause, mostly the people that want RP, are selfish.
The other day, I was RPing on Frey. I stated that I had to head off for a while because my new puppy needed some attention. So the person I was RPing just emoted to me “:crates puppy.”
You expect me to put my puppy in a cage for longer than he deserves just so I can carry on writing some stupid shit over the internet with you?
Bah. No thanks. I’d prefer to play with my puppy!!

Maybe I’ve been on the internet for too long and am cynical?

But I’ve also noticed that a lot of people who roleplay have problems. Either health or mental problems. I’m not saying each and every one of these people is lying, but not everyone I talk to has problems surely!? Apparently, they do! Some sort of issue or another. Things that just seem as an excuse for all their lives problems or why they can’t do things.
“I lost my passwords, I can’t spell, I failed school,” etc
I just get fed up of hearing other peoples crappy. bullshit excuses.

So, yeah.
I don’t think I will be attempting the whole Online Roleplaying thing for a while. For many reasons.
I’ll stick to my Tuesday night tabletop stuff thanks.
It’s more interesting and I don’t hear bollocks excuses all night.

It’s win, win!!

Sea of Souls update

I wrote a few descriptions the other day. Nothing to overly complicated or serious – just to accompany some folders on my DeviantArt Gallery.

They were of some of the characters in the Sea of Souls project that I have had going on for some time (Which reminds me, I really should add a section for projects on my new Website)

It got me back into the mood of the whole project again and I’m looking forward to doing some more stuff with it when I get the chance.
The world needs a lot of work and development, but I can feel the strength returning to pick it up again and work on the intricate details of it.

Anyway, I wanted to share these descriptions with you.

What is Skaejre?

A Soul Forager – A hunter of the dying. It is her role – along with her kinsmen – to find the Souls of those on the brink of death and take the remnants of their life and add it to their own. Or to spare them; depending on they whim.

Skaejre is worldly, a traveller and a font of wisdom when she wishes; yet to others of her clan she is young and often regarded as foolish. Her choices to not marry with the rest of the Soul Foragers and often her agenda is her own. 

As to what Skaejre actually is… that is currently under investigation!

You do know you spell your name wrong don’t you, Sabastian?

Sabastian is a mage – his skills are unquestionably there. His sanity? That’s the more difficult part of his character to grasp.
He’s not always a jibbering mess. Only on his bad days.

His life was saved by Skaejre when she foresaw his usefulness for events unknown.
Yet her actions snapped his mind for he feared her and what she would do. The confusion of her saving him conflicted him greatly. Adding this to his fae curse was just to much.

Yet, like so many madmen he is prone to bouts of wisdom and clarity. 

If only he knew what Skaejre saw in him…

Ethan doomed the world to lose one third of it’s population.
Not through any direct action of his own; but it was through him that Severance manifested.

He comes from a world of higher technology and control – one not known or understood by many that he meets. A conflicted world, wrapped in war and terror through it’s own making.

He is a key – yet he is so elusive!

Everard actually started off as a Dragon Age fan character, and while I still use him as such from time to time I have come to think of him finding a place in Sea of Souls also.

Everard is not a complicated man he has been a Templar in the Order of the Cross for most of his years. His function is as a Relic Hunter; finding lost artefacts of his faith and returning them to their rightful home – back with the Order.

He has made many contacts throughout the world and while his profession may carry the air of arrogance, stubbornness and ignorant there is something to be said about this particular Templar.
Sky Captain of the Valhalla. A simple sky-ship with various smuggling capabilities. Legal trade also happens!

He once had a fling with Skaejre, but her demanding word and the constant worry that she might just die, was not an agenda they agreed upon. Nor was his pre-arranged Dandarian marriage As such they went their own ways with mutual accord.

A Dandarian – a reclusive race of traditionalists. They’re crafters, musicians, dancers and all that foppish sort of thing. Not rugged Captains of Skyships. Farrell couldn’t agree with the regal life offered and thus left it and his family to seek his own life.
He still feels some level of doubt for the life he left behind and often wonders if he would be better still in it – rather than slogging with his sweaty crew men.
Still, sweat is better than playing the fiddle for a few spare coin
There is the outstanding matter of Severances description – I shall get to work on that one soon.

Second Life Photography

I’ve recently re-entered the world of Second Life.
Mostly through curiosity to see if the game has developed in the years that I’ve been unable to get onto it.
It has, and mostly for the better.

I created myself a new avatar; made up of various shopping trips and other peoples work I will admit. I like the fact that you can use other peoples creations as your own face.

I’ve never been an anthro character on there before so though I would give it a go this time around.
While doing some early morning exploration I took a few screen caps of a random island, just to see what some of the new lighting effects did. I call them new, I don’t know if they are or not. I just don’t recall seeing them before.
First image with standard lighting/effects. It’s a decent enough photograph really in itself.
The second image, with slight compositional adjustment. I’ve not done any post Photoshop work on these or anything, just took them for something to do before work!
And the last one with reflections in as well.
I did take a few more, but I don’t want to clog up my entire blog with images of the same set of islands.
I’ll probably try and continue this snapshotting venture throughout my exploration of the creative side of Second Life, and who knows maybe one day I will get creative on there myself?
It’s an interesting place, not without flaws, but interesting.


The sad fact of life…

Even though, I am mostly spending this week asleep in bed because I have a horrible cough, headaches, toothache and an outbreak of a bizzare rash, my mind cannot stop thinking of things that I would like to create.

I am mulling over the idea of something involving Templars and Relic Hunting. Maybe it is the illness talking to me, but I am rather taken with the idea, so I may work on fleshing the idea out and coming up with some characters as soon as I am well and able to do so.

/quick upate