Hunter: Gift Art

I took part in a little give-away on twitter the other week, in which Chip very generously offered to sketch a character in return for doing something great for the environment - whenever I go to the local park I pick up some of the rubbish that others leave laying about - and as such... Continue Reading →

Hunter: Witch Hunter

I've been on a bit of a kick lately doing artwork and thinking about my RPG characters. The idea of fleshing them out a bit and drawing them up has been very appealing; so I've started with the one that I am currently playing with our regular roleplaying group. This character has absolutely no personality... Continue Reading →

Feracil Development

It came to my attention that I never posted this page. It's a work in progress sketch series of my Werewolf Hunter character Feracil Wolfbane - who I initially developed so I could see a visual progress of my Photoshop Development work. Although he quickly expanded from this into something a little more. I am... Continue Reading →

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