[Commission] Cliffe_G

Space Marine Bust Commission for Cliffe_G on Twitter. This is them in their Home Brew Chapters colours & Heraldry - The Vespa Umbra. Another bust done, loads to go!! I am glad that these are taking off again after the wobble/break I had at the beginning of the year~

Uthor Examplaris Codex Portrait

I've recently picked up working on my Space Marine Home-Brews Codex again. Thinking up all sort of heroic deeds and fun things to write about them. But, a book without pictures (Especially a codex) would just be dull so I've started the long task of drawing the noteable characters and as with all things, I... Continue Reading →

Blood Guard: History

I was waiting to hear some feedback on this from some closer to home sources, but I've been somewhat let down and heard nothing back. This is the first draft of my history for the Blood Guard home-brew chapter and it would be great to hear some thoughts on it. I know of a couple of mistakes in... Continue Reading →

Picking up the Blood Guard

Since trying to figure out how to paint my new Space Marines, I have had a bit of a guilt trip with my Blood Guard - maybe I should just... add the Shadowspear models to my Company; make them a different company in the same Chapter? Either way, I couldn't resist making these up with... Continue Reading →

Codex: Blood Guard

I've still got a lot of work to do on this particular project and I'd even put it to the side for a while in lieu of other things I wanted to work on. But, this is the first page of Codex: Blood Guard; a mock up image of my home-brew Space Marine Chapters very... Continue Reading →

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