Miokath Reconfigured

I wanted to give Jenn an alternative coat that was much more 'goth' than her own pink and blue; but I like pink and blue! I also wanted to 'revamp' Miokath again; who is the Cenobite version of Jenn. So I figured why not roll both into one? Miokath is the 'persona' that I have... Continue Reading →

Horrid Complications

  "Don't fret so, my dear Torquemada, I've not forgotten you." The words came as fleeting comfort for the Cenobite, he'd heard the words countless times afore. He knew what they meant and they caused him to toy subconsciously with the stitches that cut into his flesh. The reconfiguration of his flesh was long over... Continue Reading →

Pinhead & Abarat

I mentioned in my previous post that Hellraiser was once a really big influence for me. I know I have mentioned my meeting Doug Bradley in a previous post but seeing as I managed to get my old 'dead' hard drive going again and I found this picture, I thought I would share it all with... Continue Reading →


I've not done a post about the topic of this blog for a while - so I thought to myself, why the heck not!? As the title suggests, this one is a little weird. I once has such vivid plans for Leviathans Lord! Even came up with the greatest crossover idea ever; Hellraiser and Spawn... Continue Reading →

I will devour you.

There is no point in hiding, or trying to be coy about this. I once had the biiggest crush on Pinhead going. I actually still have it going somewhere in the darkest pits of my soul. To the point where I cannot listen to Disturbed and not mention the Cenobites. I swear, Disturbed are endorced... Continue Reading →

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