Jorah Mormont Fan Art

In a further attempt to move away from the 'whole furry thing' that I have mostly been known for I am drawing characters of a different persuasion. It's no secret that I like drawing Knights, armour and that sort of thing but have been heavily tainted by drawing Pin-up style art for the past billion... Continue Reading →

Knight Sketches 3

Todays efforts where it comes to drawing knights. It wasn't really my intention on drawing this guy - but I hope he looks the part all the same. Somewhere along the line I decided to turn my sketch in Jorah Mormont. Initially, I had a bit of a falling out with season 5 of Game... Continue Reading →

It’s win or lose.

I think it has been made pretty clear that I am a torn girl. Torn between my fangirly interests. A lot has happened as of late in the world of Game of Thrones and I am regularly plagued by my two men. Just the other night I had another Varys related dream - nothing quite... Continue Reading →

Emergency Blogpost: Ultimate Betrayal

So, it's been made pretty clear as of late that I've confessed that I am a Varys fangirl. But... sometime over the past four days my love for Varys has waned and somehow... somehow... Little fucking Finger has wormed his way in. Like the slimy, creeper that he is. I can't say that I overly... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants a best friend like me

Another night, another dream. I feel so connected now that I can dream again, it's unreal. I thought I had reported a dream with Varys in before, but looking over my archive it appears not. I am not always myself in my dreams I want to make this 100% clear, even as female entities they're... Continue Reading →


I've been having some really vivid dreams lately, I think my sleep pattern might have changed so that I can recall them easier or something. I am no expert. I have always liked dreaming, it's like having your own personal movie in your head that you watch while you're asleep. As we all know, I... Continue Reading →

And not a cock between them

So, season three of Game of Thrones has been digested already - we tried to take our time and pace ourselves through it I am sure, but not even a week later and we're done already. Not that this is a bad thing admittedly. But herein lies my confession for the series. After the tragic... Continue Reading →

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