Pattern Book

I've been working on a 'pattern book' recently, just a few images repeating different ideas and concepts of the same thing. As a way to break out of the repetition - which I can feel being an issue with my art - a bit and expand on my already existing list of skills. My son... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 270717

Good morning everyone, I'm really pleased with these artistic offerings! They are the continuation of my previous post. As I mentioned in that post, finding a way for Watercolours to work for me hasn't been easy - I think this is mostly because my experiences with Watercolours have been painting landscapes and trying to get... Continue Reading →

Water Colour – 260717

Hello everyone~ I went to the top floor of the house today and saw my watercolours sitting on the table and I felt utterly guilty! I remember feeling somewhat dejected with them last time I tried them out and did a bit of thinking. Maybe it was the subject matter that I chose that made... Continue Reading →

Further Progress

I started some of these images last week, but only really got round to posting them today - mostly due to the feeling of a stressful and upsetting weekend thanks to my jaw playing up. We've more or less come to the conclusion that the jaw is due to stress, worry and anxiety anyway over... Continue Reading →

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