I am still working on my Art Recovery, with the help of The Artists Way, as such I am taking things slowly and one step at a time. It's nice knowing that I can still draw and am still creating things; and that people are happy and willing to do art trades with me. This... Continue Reading →

The Iron Warrior

It's been a little while since I drew one of the Primarchs and Perturabo has been waiting 'patiently' for a while for his picture, so, here he is. In all his wonderful Terminatory glory!! I really enjoy drawing Space Marines and the Primarchs series, because I feel that I can really, really push myself and... Continue Reading →


  I can imagine Kiz being in denial about being dead to begin with and when she finally realises she's being told the truth she'd fly around Whipstaff screaming; "I DON'T WANT TO BE DEAD!" I figure she'd be one angry little Ghosty to begin with, until she latches onto someone she can befriend and... Continue Reading →

Slavegirl of Gor

A recent picture of my character No Glow - I think it's fairly common knowledge how I got hold of this lovely lady now. I have always seen her in the aesthetic of the Slave girls of the Gorean fantasy series - and I am glad that I finally managed to draw her up in... Continue Reading →

Devon Speed Lines

So, thanks to Amanda May, I was inspired to try my hand at doing some videos of me drawing/lining in some work. The video itself is a little bit 'rough and ready' because it's the first time I've done anything like this. Also, the line art is from 2007, I found it while updating my... Continue Reading →

First Date: Ubercorn

  Date Report Card Name of Date: Ubercorn Date Location: Jet Pad Date Activities: Netflix and Chill; we ate pizza and listened to music; somehow I don't think Ubercorn approved of my tastes. Date Pros: Kind, Caring, Confident, Funny. Date Cons: Long distance relationship, wildly different tastes (He wanted peppers on the pizza, ew) his... Continue Reading →

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