Devon Speed Lines


So, thanks to Amanda May, I was inspired to try my hand at doing some videos of me drawing/lining in some work.

The video itself is a little bit ‘rough and ready’ because it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this.

Also, the line art is from 2007, I found it while updating my art archives on dA, but I figured it was good enough to use as a test run for speed painting/drawing videos.

I can’t promise I’ll do this for every picture I draw; especially some of the ones that take me longer to create – like the Primarchs. It’s just a bit of fun and to see if I could do it for myself.

Just a little something for those who may, or may not, be interested in seeing my process


A couple of busts from todays artsy efforts.

My OC’s Ganicus and Bishop.
One looks cheerful, the other looks moody as sin!


First Date: Ubercorn

Scan 89


Date Report Card
Name of Date: Ubercorn
Date Location: Jet Pad
Date Activities: Netflix and Chill; we ate pizza and listened to music; somehow I don’t think Ubercorn approved of my tastes.
Date Pros: Kind, Caring, Confident, Funny.
Date Cons: Long distance relationship, wildly different tastes (He wanted peppers on the pizza, ew) his talk of travelling made me feel a bit like a left out lemon, comes with attachments.
Second Date?: Wouldn’t be adverse to the idea, but I am not expecting that phone call anytime soon.

Just reposting the “First Date” pictures on here with their report card~