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I’ll take what’s mine

There has been art stuff going on in the background – mostly Space Marine bust commissions – but I did manage to get this finished up from my personal artwork folder today whilst waiting for some feedback. I’ve been having a bit of a concern with my furry art as

Collaboration – Carbonacat

It’s no secret that I love collaborating with other artists! Colouring up the lines that people send me is wonderfully good fun. This is Jenn, drawn by CarbonaCat on DeviantArt and coloured by myself. I was sent a guideline for colours as well, which I also coloured up, but I

3 Way Collab

One of my favourite things about being an artist is working with other creatives – especially in the form of collaborations. I have been very fortunate in my time to have done collaborations with some wonderful people but never before have I been able to do something like this. This


I really enjoy drawing things that take me back to my origins within the furry fandom. So when I see a goth character I like I tend to draw them – regardless of their origin or owners. Mandy belongs to DrPStripes.  At one point she was friends with my own


I really don’t draw enough gift-art, so I was pleased to finally be able to draw Inhix for Sysisiipi on Instagram. Way back in the days of 2003, Inhix was a character that I admired from afar and I really enjoyed seeing the raw emotion in Sysisiips’s artwork concerning her.

Trade – CrayOATCfan

I’ve not been as active lately on websites like DevArt – but I do have a few favourite artists that I like to keep up with, one of them is CrazyOATCfan. An artist I met via Instagram. This is her Hormone Monsteress character, Serena. It was nice to be able

When the devil calls

I’ve been back into the whole “Day of the Dead” fandom lately. It’s funny how these things get kicked back into our brains. I was looking to see if The Walking Dead was available to watch on Netflix (It isn’t) but as a result it showed me Day of the

Commission – ZoelNoone

Commission for ZoelNoOne of their OC, Faith. Had a lot of fun with this commission and it was great to work with someone who knew what they wanted from their commission and had a few ‘errors’ to work around! Thank you very much for the commission hun~


A gift art piece for Qwaychou on dA/FA – her pretty character Sloane. Gift art isn’t something I do enough of, so it’s always nice to find someone who appreciates it when it does happen~


I found the traditional sketch for this in a pile the other day and felt the inclination to finish it off. After everything that happened lately, I feel it’s pretty fitting too.

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