Quick Update

I felt like revisiting an old(ish) character of mine lately. I made him up during my Masters in design and art direction - I couldn't remember the name of the MA until I started writing this post - but somehow he stuck with me after I left the course and pops his head in every... Continue Reading →


"You can't seriously be thinking of sleeping here?" The daemon within him asked, it's voice spiky, infectious. The voice that had become a strange comfort - not one that the Werewolf hunter would admit to. "Where else? Do you see a tavern around here?" Feracil returned, speaking aloud to the silent voice within. "At least... Continue Reading →

Feracil Development

It came to my attention that I never posted this page. It's a work in progress sketch series of my Werewolf Hunter character Feracil Wolfbane - who I initially developed so I could see a visual progress of my Photoshop Development work. Although he quickly expanded from this into something a little more. I am... Continue Reading →

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